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    Just watched a vid where an expert grower drys his weed at 60%RH @ 60f for two weeks.

    Anyone tried a cold slow dry?

    Since our buds are still alive and we want to keep them that way so we can cure. Surely we don’t want even the slightest bit of the bud to dry out and die?

    I’m giving it a go just now although I was drying at 54% RH @ 70f for 2 days so will see how it goes :)
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    ScoobyDoo90 Well-Known Member

    When winter comes around temps in dry room reach around high 50s to 60, takes about 10 days dont know what the RH is though, smokes smooth, I imagine that grower just wanted to extend his dry time for the whole "Expert" tittle,

    I would think anything longer than 2 weeks would just be curing.
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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    60°f seems a bit low and 60%rh seems a bit high doesn't it? it's not.this is where you want your temps and rh.i'm in the northeast and the temps were wicked cold when i started drying my harvest.i had a really rough time keeping my rh up and even at a temp in the mid 50's(in drying room) with rh in the 40's,my flowers were drying way too fast.these temps/rh were for the first two plants i cut and dried the first week.the next week when i cut two more plants down,we had rain which helped my rh(along with a humidifier).i dried @ around 55°f and 57/58% rh,and it took a good 10 days to dry,the flowers retained way more aroma.
    both sets of dried buds came out tasty and smooth,the first set just dried too fast imo.
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    SativaInMind Member

    that guy probably knows what he is talking about, terpenes, flavonoids, esters etc are very volatile and even under room temperature they are volatizing fast/escaping into the air making it stink :leaf:
    I don't know about really cold drying, like just above freezing (making sure it doesn't freeze) over a really long time might even be best, someone should test this. or maybe there's a balance of real low temp and too long a time, either way you don't want heat even room temp is already bad, low temp is your friend, also low humidity is bad, as drying too fast makes harsh/shit smoke, temperature doesn't like cannabis, it does not stay fresh even at room temp for that long, a material like cannabis with any thermal history will lose essential compounds and some compounds degrade into other compounds..

    Anyway you want a long slow dry, at least 10+ days, again no high temps, I cant imagine why lower the temp wouldn't be better, as long as it doesn't freeze.. but if you can keep the temp 55f for drying with 45-60% humidity I would feel comfy.
    directly blowing a fan over buds basically replicates low humidity and will fuck up the smoke, if the humidity is quite high 60%+ mold can grow on drying buds, airflow can help resolve this but again you don't want air blowing right into the buds.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I do a slow cold dry for up to 4 or 5 weeks before getting them dry enough to put in cans for curing. Doubled or tripled paper bags will dry well enough in about 10 days in my chilly basement, 45-55F. Not sure what the rh is in the bags but it's got to be pretty high. The wax paper lined boxes I have used for years can prolong the dry but are more work to do than bags.

    The key is keeping the buds evenly moist as they slowly dry from the center out. Once any plant material gets bone dry the curing stops for that even if re-hydrated.

    Then another month of burping finishes them off real nice.


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