520w QB RDWC Blue Dream

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by firsttimeARE, Oct 24, 2017.


    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Thanks dude

    Chopped last friday. Finished trimming today. Yielded 1.09gpw. 565g under a 520w.

    This was my 4th grow with this strain and it was straight fire this time. Probably because I let it go 10 weeks instead of 8.
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    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Thats some good going mate. Good job
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    New veg area just ready to transfer into starter pots from cubes. Fucking hate rockwool.


    Flipped my new 6 site rdwc to flower today in the 8x8 flower room #2.

    Got 2 totes just starting to flower in my 12x10 flower room #1. Cleaned out the 4 site, but nothing to fill it up in yet. Going to install a utility sink outside the room in the laundry room this week so I can have something to empty into so I don't use the same water all grow.
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Made the mistake of drying upstairs in my computer room. Been sneezing and congested runny nose all week. Plus I've been sick so that made it much worse. GF sister is almost out. She moved out a bunch of shit this weekend so I was able to free up space for that veg area.
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Hiring 3 or 4 trimmers. Just some friends when I need them. I can't be trimming anymore. I feel like my allergies are getting worse and gonna invest in a tyvek suit and respirator for when I go in the room. It's weird sometimes I get welts and itchy skin when I touch live weed. It's not all the time and only in the wrists/forearms. But only in particular spots. It's worse when I have dry skin or been sweating. As far as allergies go it's only when trimming, but I know allergies get worse due to exposure and I don't plan on stopping this hobby any time soon so I want to minimize my exposure.

    Me and my girl spent 4 hours each Wednesday and 2 hours Thursday and then she finished Friday for me in like 3 hours. She's the best. But working a 9 to 5 and then spending hours trimming is too tiring.

    raggyb Active Member

    Plants looked AWESOME DUDE. Besides the allergies, hope your drying is working out with the humidifier.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    I also get itchy forearms when I rub against my live plants. Suppose its not that hard to believe when you think about it, its was the plants defence mechanism before it was our drug.

    Anyhow I popped in to ask if you had any shots just before harvest of that blue dream, would like to know what to expect.
    All these years I have only grown indica or 50/50s , this is the first time I have ran a 100% sativa and the structure is nothing like I have grown before.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Yup damn allergies lol.
    It will also make me hive up just dont get the raw stuff on your skin.
    I thought about overexposure through all the weed i smoke ha ha.

    What kind of nutes you runnin?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Some people are allergic to terpenes.

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I didn't get any right before harvest. I believe a week before I went in there. I'll have to find the pics. I used a digital camera as my phone cam sucked.
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    I remember my first harvest. Itching like a MF. So I guess it's always been like that.

    I'm running Jack's 5-12-26, calcium nitrate, Epsom salt, MKP
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Possibly...trimmed yesterday with a mask the whole time and then vacuumed with mask still on and was OK.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Nice i just started a thread about cheap dry nutes.
    How do you like the jacks so far?
    How clear is it
    How ph stable is it?

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    They recently stopped adding a green dye. I called them to inquire why my last batch looked like yellow Gatorade and this new batch looks like orange Gatorade but that's at 100:1 ratio.

    It's pretty clear at the diluted strength I run at.

    I set pH and it rises from 5.6 to 6.1 over 7-9 days. So pretty stable. A lot of that has to do with having 80gal for 4 plants.
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    HydroDawg421 Well-Known Member

    How are the 27 gal totes working out? Any issues? Do they hold their shape or deform easily? Would you go bigger or smaller? Why?


    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Worked fine. Currently on 12 gal and the maintenance is a PITA compared to 27 gal.

    I was gonna switch to all 12 gal but not liking all the maintenance

    No warping

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    What kind of maintenance probs?

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    The pH goes outta ranged after 3 days versus 8 on a 27gal

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Mines really stable for some reason.
    Ill know more when my replacment meter gets here
    but i just did a rez change after close to 4
    Only reason i changed it was i was just getting a slight calmag deficiency.

    But i didnt have a meter on them i was just whatching the plants .

    Beats me

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Well my roots have mostly filled the 12 gal totes.
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