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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    the peg is heavier clouds and thinner depending on the # after it 200-400 are optimal.
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    Ethylene glycol is poison and in anti freeze,. it's the same kind of misinformation when people say drugs are made with drain cleaner. some people are allergic to the synthetic chemicals such as pg and peg. one gives me a headache and i don't like either from experience where as the vg doesn't hit as good. i'm curious what is in heavy hitters brand or bloom brand cartiges. i know bloom boasts that it's all natural and they both hit good and taste good esp compared to a few others like alpine cartridges or bloom farms .
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    yeah, but i tried like hell to get stuff to dissolve in vg...doesn't work worth a shit, heated it, stirred it, agitated it..did everything but give it a hand job.....what did seem to dissolve settled out over night.
    had slightly better results with propylene glycol, but still not even half as good as with the peg mix
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    twostrokenut Well-Known Member

    so what setup are you using to vape the peg mix? should I just drip it onto some .2ohm dual alien claptons in the old kennedy at 80w or?
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