5 Week 12/12 Update

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    The tied down slut up top is Chem '91, which just started 12/12 three days ago. On the left, beside the air conditioner is Do-Si-Dos, and to the right of that there is Bubble Chem. In the second picture you can see that I tried using painters tape to block some of the air from smacking the Chem '91 that just got tied down, which it still seems to be holding.. somewhat, lol.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    Bubble Chem:
    3.jpg 5.jpg


    Do-Si-Dos (not the best picture - oh well):

    I rushed throwing the Bubble Chem and Do-Si-Dos into flowering, which they're both a lot smaller than what I would like, however that Chem '91 might reach what I am looking to achieve in the end.

    I failed to take any successful clones using my bubble cloner, however there's one clone of the Bubble Chem that started showing white bumps after 5 weeks. I have one very tiny clone of Do-Si-Dos, however it doesn't look too promising, as it has been 5 weeks without development.. just a bit of slime at the end of the clone where the rooting gel was placed. I would give anything to get a rooted clone of this Do-Si-Dos, because these are some of the most dense buds that I've grown before, the tops are already rocks, and the smell is out of this world. I was able to take 2-4 clones of the Chem '91 since I vegged that out longer, however no signs of roots yet, and considering it took the Bubble Chem 5 weeks to start showing signs of roots.. it may be some time before I see anything.
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    All comments are welcome.. feel free to throw some heavy criticism.

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    Looks good

    TheDifferenceX Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty good. what kind of light are you using?
    veni vidi vici

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    They are looking good man I have always wanted to do a hydro grow.

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    Gonna be some huge buds man.

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    Thanks! ;)

    I have a 315w CMH and a blurple mars hydro that probably pulls 170w inside of a 4'x4'x6'

    It's how I started out and I just kept with it.. I feel like it's more forgiving than soil.

    The Bubble Chem doesn't feel like it's going to get all that dense, but still should have some nice shape and weight. However, the Do-Si-Dos is already the densest bud that I've felt, and that's probably including most of the cured stuff I've come across... it's solid.


    Typically I would use Rapid Rooter plugs and CloneX, however funds where a bit short so I picked up the cheap life brand cloning gel and a few foam discs for clones. I was out of the store with everything under $4-$5, and figured what's the worst that could happen? I was able to throw together a cloner using those little foam discs to hold the clones, however I wanted to flower my plants really bad so I took what clones were accessible to me and tossed my mothers into flowering.

    I mentioned in the original post that the first set of clones that I took from the then flowering mothers failed, which meant that I had to take clones from the Do-Si-Dos and Bubble Chem while they were in flowering. I think they failed because I was misting with water and caused the stalks to rot..I've since stopped and things appear better.

    Here is one of the clones of Bubble Chem, she has taken 2 weeks to show this kind of development, which I believe are the beginning stages of roots, correct?

    bc2roots.jpg bc2close.jpg

    I have a tiny clone from my Do-Si-Dos plant that is just as old as the above showing bumps, about two weeks, however the Do-Si-Dos doesn't look like it's going to do anything.. and starting to look a little rough. I wanted to get the most I could from my already smaller plant that's flowering, so I figured that I'd take a smaller clone and if it doesn't turn out.. that I could try revegging after harvesting the top 3/4 of the plant.

    dsdnoroot1.jpg dsdclose.jpg

    I don't always take clones like this, and made sure that my Chem '91 clones were of proper size and structure, lol. Do you think the odds are in my favor for this last tiny Do-Si-Dos clone? I want to keep that strain really bad.. is there anything I could be doing to increase the odds? I have always had about 90% success on my clones in the past.. with a quick rooting. I'm thinking I should go back to what worked for me before...
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    I think it's roots. I only cloned this year but keeping humidity near 100% and temps 78 or more seemed key.

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    Man clones are easy as shit..solo cups and clear cups.holes in the bottom of cups and some moist ass media..clip dip and cover up.then put it in a window..thats all I do and bam,presto you got a clone after bout 10 days..

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