5 Common Illnesses You Didn’t Know Marijuana Can Cure

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    Dosage is something you have to play with. Depends on your tolerance, strain, just like any THC strains will affect people differently, so will CBD. I take 80-100mg every night of mixed strain coconut oil pills for cancer maintenance, doesn't really get me high unless I smoke/vape on them. Someone treating pain or with a higher tolerance might need more. Depends on what you're using them for as well. My GF doesn't smoke and has a low tolerance, she takes 20mg which doesn't get her "stoned" which she likes, but 3-4 hours later she's nodding so for her it's a sleeping pill. The CBD pheno I'm smoking now gets rid of my migraines which I used to take ibuprofen for, in caps 25-30mg takes care of my migraines and doesn't get me stoned.
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    Marijuana can also improve the immune system of HIV patients, bowel disease, Parkinson disease.
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    Where is the best place to start reading about how to treat ones self?

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    There a whole section on this site with a lot of info on medicating.

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