4th CFL Grow With Jungle Growth Soil - Blue Mataro and Afghan Kush x Train Wreck

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Concord Dawn, Oct 29, 2010.

    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    dan, i have 11 23/25 watt bulbs and a 12 and 14 watt strip lights in the 2 front corners, i'll turn those 2 on when the buds start. if you go back to post 3548, you can see the light setup. yep, let them grow, i might have to pull them down some if it gets too tall.

    thanks skinny, whats that, a mic? whats she sayin, im a good little girl, look at my sugar coating, i'll be some good bud for ya after you strip off my fan leaves, LoL. looks great man!!
    heres all it said.

    Pick n Mix Seedmakers Wonder Skunk Feminised Seeds
    A selection between the best skunks, this hybrid indica-sativa with deep smell, big potency and fruity touches, will make you rediscover the pleasure to taste an authentic skunk.
    Single Seedmakers Wonder Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering 60 days.
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    Psychild Well-Known Member

    CD I'm not gonna lie. You've always produced beautiful CFL grows! Our laws are slowly bending for marijuana here in Louisiana, and you might get to see me grow again soon :)
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    skinnysmoke Well-Known Member

    Lmao CD she smokes great!

    Good luck hope she is some fire!
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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    thanks man, hope you do get to grow again soon. dam, didnt know all that happened, hope all is good now.

    thanks skinny, i hope so too, LoL.

    here we are at 2 weeks flowering now, she stretched a little more than i hoped for and brunt one of the tips but i think it recover ok. looks to be 6 tops.

    4-4-16 tops.JPG burnt bud.JPG

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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    yesterday was 3 weeks of flowering, plant looks great, very green. buds are forming real nice all over cant wait!!
    4-11-16 buds.JPG


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    B166ER420 Well-Known Member

    What's up?Still killing it with the cfls huh,CD?A little stretchy:)but hey,still looking good and healthy.I haven't really been around lately but I'm back and started my first grow thread,if y'all wanna check it out.Peace and GL.
    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    whats up man, been a while. leave a link and i will. yeah, it kinda got of control, LoL. im about to run out of room if it keeps growing. today 4 weeks of flowering, it looks great and the buds are forming nicely.

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    Turtlehermit Well-Known Member

    Haa you're journal is always entertaining that's why it's one of my favorites reading. I I don't know if this is a flimsy cultivation thought but the leafs on that plant are dark camouflage green maybe it's because she eats up nitrogen. I have wondered if Skunk #1 would make an interesting strain? Those skunks are always out there in crosses. I really want Master Kush in seed form though!

    Hey I finally got a journal up; late and this one's rough but it's there in my signature! Been watching keep it up the success!
    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    hey man, good to see ya , i'll check it out as soon as i leave here.
    yesterday was 5 weeks of 12/12, i'm hoping this stuff turns out right, it sure looks good so far. all i've been using is the schultz 10-15-10 the whole grow and now have added cha-ching, it's been good so far so i'm sticking with it. thats 5 drops in a 16 oz cup of rain water and a dash of the cha-ching and a plain cup of rain water every other day (32 oz total), the days in between, just 1 cup of rain water (16 oz). right now, i'm out room, the lights are all the way up and i had to knock that one bulb so it don't burn that top, but het, that's how i roll, LoL.

    4-25-16 bud.JPG
    4-25-16 1.JPG

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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    today is 9 weeks, 63 days, it says 60 days of flowering so it should be done. the trichs are very milky, so it gotta be close. i took a small test bud, dried it out a couple days and smoked it last night. pretty good little buzz, felt real heavy layin on the couch, LoL.


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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    Wow, i'm so stoned i forgot to upload pics from my cam, LoL. will do tomorrow night.
    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    so i cut the tops off last week, dried it in a box and it has been in 2 jars curing. just now cut the rest down a little bit ago and it now drying in a box and im smoking a bowl of my own home grown weed and im getting stoned off it. it only 6 grows to get some weed again that gets me high again, LoL. so grow 16 is over, stick around for #17 which will start real soon, CD.

    6-4-2016 6 tops.JPG


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    skinnysmoke Well-Known Member

    Awesome bro congrats!
    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot skinny!!
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    zubey91 Well-Known Member

    Yoooo C-dawn! been awhile! i'm back in the CFL land doing an auto during the summer... glad to see you're still here... props to you again .. your grows started me out... if you remember
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    HeadyYonder Well-Known Member

    He got me started on my first grow as well. I was so impressed by his wardrobe as a youngster I made my own box of CFLs. I'm glad he's still around these parts. You go CD!
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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    whats up zubey, it has been a while huh? glad to see ya back, and i do remember, LoL. do you have alink to your new grow?

    heady, thanks man!! im fixin to start another real soon, i have 1 more fem seed.

    its so frickin hot here right now, 95 to 98 every day w/ a heat index of 108 to 112, crazy shit man!! my internet was down for almost 2 weeks and been picking up the dogs every day, ah, life in florida, LoL. take care all. CD
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    Concord Dawn

    Concord Dawn Well-Known Member

    Arch, I tried to reply, but it wont show your message because of whatever is goin on with alerts. I'm doin great, still workin with the dogs, but growin any weed right now. After 5 shit grows, i just kinda gave up?? i still have all my stuff and the world famous leaning u haul grow box. im still around tho bro, thanks for checkin!!

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Hey u! I see ur still at it! Just started a new thread homie

    grilledcheese101 Well-Known Member

    CD killing it as allways in that carboard box haha! Atta boy buddy.

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