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Pissed off and frightened people vote, they often make a point of it and will stand in line for a long time to do it. If you voted early volunteer to stand in line for someone while they go to the bathroom or have a meal if lines are long, buy bottled water and snacks for the folks voting too.


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I just read an article in my local news stating that two armed/uniformed individuals were set up outside our main early voting station.........there for apparent intimidation. The police were called by a poll worker and when confronted by police the two men claimed they were private security guards hired by the trump campaign. The trump campaign denied hiring these goons and the police ran them off. They vowed to be back tomorrow, and so did the police.

Fucking deplorables........I hate them.
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Even now he is kicking himself for not realizing that the only way he could agree to this thread is by acknowledging that the 46th POTUS could only be Biden. I love this guy - 'cause he's so goddamn dumb.
yeah but he's here and Bucky's not.