45 watt red cfl grow tent (how low can i go)

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    Continuing my test to see how good newer cfl's are; I'd been trying to lower the watts in my small seedling/clone tent (18in x 36in - running 18/6 year round), I was using one 65 watt blue cfl with great success (fyi - all CFLs made by the same company -for 'some'' standardisation- Green Lamp ltd). This round; I've dropped that to one 45 watt red cfl (red being less efficient then blue). The 45 watt has been running for about 1.5 months and although there is some yellowing etc i think it's 'ok' (will probably switch to a blue 45 watt). Not going to get the fastest growth ..but that's ok as the growth rate currently fits in with my flowering times.
    The tent is not as 'full' as it could be but i have been surprised with the spread and penetration of a humble spiral cfl (T4's would have been my call for this tent but if 1 cfl does it ...).

    Currently I have a growing tray (only has two seeds in it at the mo-waiting to sprout) and 4 small plants (two in 0.75lt pots and two in about 0.5lt pots). The smaller pots are for my stressing/bonsai mad experiments and cuttings (although the plants are small-ish they are well over 3 months old :)
    The 0.75lt potted plants will soon be upgraded to 3 ltr pots (later moved to bigger pots and the flower tent).

    It might not surprise anyone who uses CFL's ..but for me I was impressed that it worked as well as it did. So i thought i's share a pic or two. When i next try to cram the tent with plants i'll take a pic and post that too :)
    ..dare i go to 20 Watt blue cfl? ;)

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