400 Watt Tent, Multi Strain 3rd Run. Jacki-O, Twog, Colombian Rocket Fuel


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welcome back. starting things up again, but like i said doing some things differently.
first off, i got another 400 hps. its NOT a horticulture light, but i am hopefull that it will work in my flower room, and am using the original 400 MH i already have for my veg room. building a frame out of wood for the second tent shell i have.

placed one large female in the tent today. set timer for 12/12. it was started in a float bed in a basement, sexxed before it was put outdoors to veg. so is a definate fem. am going to wait a few weeks for actual bud develpoment, so i can clone her a few times. also since my strains have SOME AF in them. but not enough to prevent cloning, i might put out something like 20 clones utdoor. yeah im not gonna get much from em cause they will be kinda small, but a half o off of 20 clones adds up!! plus added to the already oing outdoor harvest. plus the indoor harvest.. should be a great year to be me plan on running just this one large girl ( c-red F-1) from the looks of her it should be no problem getting at least 7 ounces off her. 284373_149195911822366_100001958737602_290287_4962189_n.jpg268348_149196515155639_100001958737602_290308_6036638_n.jpg269823_149196328488991_100001958737602_290302_4133459_n.jpg283135_149196195155671_100001958737602_290298_7516764_n.jpg267734_149196425155648_100001958737602_290305_5926690_n.jpg267964_149196141822343_100001958737602_290296_3611812_n.jpg282059_149195725155718_100001958737602_290280_503045_n.jpg284886_149196065155684_100001958737602_290293_1079222_n.jpg282545_149195775155713_100001958737602_290281_5769153_n (1).jpg283164_149196028489021_100001958737602_290292_3815092_n.jpg268948_149196585155632_100001958737602_290311_2400205_n.jpg

also added 4 regular florescent lights to the tent, one in each corner, to help supplement the side lighting.

this time i am using a 7 gal bucket. each time i used the 3 gallon bags/ pots, i averaged 40-60 grams per plant. hoping the extra root space will mean extra bud production.
will be running the ;last of my humbolt nutes on a few and some of the "hydroponix" brand basic formula i got in a sample pack.. their rooting hormone worked great, faster results thani got with "EZclone"

tomorrow if everything goes well, i will be taking clones from each plant we have and sexing the clone, so we can go segregate the guys, as i need pollen and need to restock.

the plant in th tent, has already been sexxed before she ever left the basement, then got this revegg. so i will also be taking clones from her, to start the perpetual,

i want to see what kind of weight i can get off this plant vegged under natural light so is a monster, but then placed under hps lights, with nutrients. will i get outdoor weight, with indoor quality? i hope so.

also have a crazy ass ant colony living INSIDE the pot that is now in the tent.....

giving them a package of ginstant grits in the evenign tomorrow, since the light is on from 9 pm till 9 am, to help combat the crazy heat during the day.269137_149196565155634_100001958737602_290310_4070274_n.jpg268823_149196631822294_100001958737602_290313_3885004_n.jpg269078_149196375155653_100001958737602_290303_3861164_n.jpg282790_149196265155664_100001958737602_290301_2670569_n.jpg284900_149196465155644_100001958737602_290307_1435128_n.jpg

got this aerogarden as well, currently it has a few seedling in it, but i believe i am going to put a few clones in there, aeroponic clones, vegged outdoors, then flowered indoors,? also will have an abundance of outdoor to get us through the winter. should be a pretty stoney year..

PLUS...... almost forgot, i got some G-13, going to start a few of them once i get my veg room built, but not before then, am tired of rushing things only to end up waiting on silly crap. like soil or buckets.


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if i dont get violated today and sent back to fucking prison, then im going to take cuttings from each outdoor plant, and put them directly in the tent under 12/12. going to keep a male from each strain and already have my breeder plant picked out. i plan on having just 1 plant, but gonna bag the pollen so i have branches of seeds for specific strains.


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k, i got bit by this little bastard earlier, didnt know they did that shit.. 284249_149771235098167_100001958737602_291742_6844273_n.jpg281412_149771205098170_100001958737602_291741_3341382_n.jpg284080_149771148431509_100001958737602_291740_7475688_n.jpg281480_149771068431517_100001958737602_291739_2269360_n.jpg

k added some cornmeal in the tent today.. why you ask? to kill those fucking ants!! they eat the cornmeal ( or instant grits) andwhen it hits their stomach it expands like a mudda, and explodes their ass.. not the nicest thing, but i asked em nicely to move, told em to move. fuck em. get off my land bitches!!!

gave the big girl some nutes today, first time she's had em, dont know how she's gonna react to em honestly... even though it is the second day of 12/12 i only gave her 5 ml of grow nutes. want to make sure she can handle them first. 268948_149196585155632_100001958737602_290311_2400205_n.jpg268348_149196515155639_100001958737602_290308_6036638_n.jpg269823_149196328488991_100001958737602_290302_4133459_n.jpg283135_149196195155671_100001958737602_290298_7516764_n.jpg267734_149196425155648_100001958737602_290305_5926690_n.jpg267964_149196141822343_100001958737602_290296_3611812_n.jpg

the "soil" is the hodhgepodge that was made another time, for those of you that are new to my stuff, a while ago a friend and i made some "soil" we went to an old farm and dug up horse shit.. big mistake. my buddy didnt listen and dug up dirt from the front of the barn that was still in use, so got fresh manure/piss/ dirt. i got the stuff from the back that hasnt had an animal on it for 5-6 years, anyways, we took that back to the garden, added a bag of perlite, and vermiculite mixed it all up with some creek rock and put.... seedlings in it... totally spazzed out. burnt em all to shit, but a few survived. this being one of them so i want to be carefull about adding too much to her. after i watered it looked like a horse pissed in my tent.. brown syrupy lookin piss water draining in my tent.. was not happy, but i cleaned it and now am going to pull that heavy bastard out of the tent each watering.

speaking of watering, most of my girls are in 7 or 10 gallon pots, since im watering over a half gallon at a time, i only water once a week, is very wied, and hard to tell when they need more, cause the pots weigh im guessin around 50 lbs , so i cant exactly lift it and say its light, cause its never really light..

took 12 clones today from 3 plants,
using mx clone gel from hydroponix. ive used it before with "monster clones" with amazing success. simply a great product.

i also took 2 cuttings from the same plant but used "green charm rootone" a powder

. i have never used it before so had to guess. i just took it like normal, but put some of the powder on a paper and put the cutting s on the powder and coated it scored em, and split em then coated it again, then placed em in the cups.

we have an aeroponics doohicky, not really impressed by it, but we'll see. from the looks of it i decide to see if it would make a decent cloner. instead of rockwool it has sponges... yeah.. we split em and coated the inside that would be making contact with the stem with root gel, then placed em in the sponge plug.268823_149196631822294_100001958737602_290313_3885004_n.jpg284977_149195795155711_100001958737602_290282_3405809_n.jpg271114_149772175098073_100001958737602_291765_2318189_n.jpg
it has a track that runs along the top like a drip feed, it keeps the bottom of the sponge wet but the top stays reasonably dry. i dunno it looks like it might work.

dont have a dome, so had to improvise. just stuck em in a clear garbage bag, and closed the end off, have lights right above the bag, and its hella hot outside during the day, even hotter cause they are inside2.jpgDSC03362.jpg
i think it will work, if not i am getting some party cups tomorrow just in case and im going to get some clear ones to flip over each clone so it has its own dome... just in case

temps were in the mid 80's during the day today, which is nighttime for my tent, the light comes on @ 9 pm, and the temps last i checked were 78.

need to get an exhaust fan, and alot of other items.

setting up for a perpetual harvest.. have the one c-red in flower, and took my clones so each week i will be taking more cuttings, and vegging them under cf'ls for a few weeks, before putting them into the flower tent.

will be using regular house fixtures, wired into the hood of a florescent bulb, going to put 3-4 fixtures on the hood, putting 2 cfl bulbs hanging from each fix, this will be for the rooted clones, going to make 2- 3 "hoods" like this, and just put them on a piece of plywood so i can raise and lower them as needed, i will also be adding a few to te walls of the veg box, as i gather em, would rather use a better light, but this way i am able to cheaply keep adding lights, and i vegged some clones under just 4 cfl bulbs, humongous!! bigger and healthier than the clones under the 400 mh, i guess its cause i can get em so much closer, i dunno. all i know is that for veg, the cfl bulbs are my favorite

have another tent shell like the one im using now, but no frame for it.. going to cut and build a small closet out of lumber then cut the tent apart, so i can staple the walls up inside the closet i build. making it alot less mobile, but alot more useful.

also have around 12 other outdoor plants, the labels got all mixed up, but the strains are:
Colombian Rocket Fuel (C-Red)
Twog Trainwreck X Ogre. (ogre is OG kush x Master Kush) yum

Jackie-O Aeric77's Calio x Jacks Candy
and possibly my favorites some pure skunks from the mountains of Ky

am uploading a video to youtube while uploading pics to here.. shits goinf veeery slow.



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heres the vid that took like 4 hours to load!! [video=youtube;Id3Ia0PK2LQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id3Ia0PK2LQ[/video]


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if i dont get violated today and sent back to fucking prison, then im going to take cuttings from each outdoor plant, and put them directly in the tent under 12/12. going to keep a male from each strain and already have my breeder plant picked out. i plan on having just 1 plant, but gonna bag the pollen so i have branches of seeds for specific strains.
How do you mean violated? And careful with everything man, it aint worth losin your freedom over.


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lol, had issues with my ex, got it all worked out, everythings kosher, and legal again. just had to squash some rumors. nothin like a woman scorned...

an update on a few clones.

and heres the game plan .


havent really noticed much of a decline in the ant population... setting some traps,

once these clones are rooted, i will be taking cuttings from the large lady in flower. seriously if you havent tried cloning a lady in flower, try once. youll be amazed. i feel like im wasting my time cloning plants in veg.


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some pics to fill in the gaps in the video, and sometimes a pic is better
like this here are definative female flpistols. if yours dont look like these they are dudes...

and i dont know what this is. or whats causing it, the new leafs are withering for some reason, it makes the branch look like a spiked collar, anyone know what this is, or rather dajosh since your my only visitor so far lol..... a few of the pics are of the female flowers again, was easier to just highlight them as well....

the rest im just gonna dump in a big uplodad so no real order, but i like having them so i can go back and look, like with the little plant in the tent, after comparing the pics from the day before, i was able to tell exactly how much damage the aditional nutrients caused. could compare the leaf today to how it looked yesterday......



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way too much rooting powder I think....
and I'm not 100% on your problem, i'd need to look into it a little. But im cleaning right now, i'll try to in a little bit.


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too much powder? i wasnt sure the instructions were worn off and didnt have net ther to find out, i just coated em they were an experiment anyways, didnt really expect it to work, the mx gel is what im counting on.


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Typically, after cutting the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle, i'll use the razor and very gently skin off the bottom 1/4 inch of the stem, apply powder generously to the shaved area, and the bottom, but that generally applies when your using Rockwool, Rooter plugs, Soil, or Peat. When using a cloner like that, I would assume you apply gel (as the powder will be washed away) and just leave. But i'll take Rockwool/Rooter Plugs and a humidome over a bubble/sprayer cloner any day.


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as you see mines just cups o soil in a clear trash bag, works great, and since i transplant the rooted clones into soil, it makes things easier for me, i dont feel like buying rockwool, since i get the same results from a pack of keg cups for less $$,
also next time i clone, im gonna uuse clear cups, inside red cups. that way i can just lift the one with soil out, and check for roots :)