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    20180227_123701.jpg 20180227_123656.jpg This is my latest 4 x 4 tent round. I cleared out the babies from my small tent and am growing 1 king tut in there (200 watt vero in a 20 x 36 x 62 tent in a grow journal here).

    I have a 315 CMH with a phillips 3k and a 550 watt MCOB light running at 240 watts and I will up it to 300 watts when things get growing

    2 X Trainkwreck
    1 X Jack Herer

    6 inch vortex fan with srubber and assorted fans. 3 autopots fed from a 14 gallon reservoir and using GH hydro nutes. I used bio root for 2 rounds and it just plugged all my lines up so we are going all salts from here on in.

    After my last grow I finally got it. I do not care for indica that much. I like 40 60 sativa to full blown the most. And I do I have seeds. lol. Stupid Canuck seed sale has me flush for 3 more years.

    I am sticking to a 4 plant limit to cut my teeth more within our new confines.

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    Hey man I am probably ordering 2x 4 autopot systems for my next round of growing. Do you have airdomes inside the autopots?
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    I do not have airdomes but i bet they work gangbusters. And they are not that much of an investment. I might get 4 myself and it will save media room so it pays for itself.
    Currently using a mix of hydro pellets and grow cubes and coco. I find the growth slower than just hydro pellets and coco/perlite but i had it in the hoard so it was essentially no cost.

    For future runs I will only buy the fancy fluffy already beauty coco-coir in the bag and mix it with perlite 50 50 and run 1 or 2 inches of hydroton pellets in the bottom. So far that is the best.

    I just had a tablespoon of white rhino coconut oil in a cup of coffee. Wow did i nail that one.
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