4 Inches is all them girls need?

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    The top pic makes them look small

    Thats 4 clones in a 10 gall tote :)

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    I thought fabric pots air pruned by design. No need for a screen.

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    One of these days ill figure that one out :)
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    Agreed even though my fabric pot exp is small

    I have found lately that i can air prune seedlings quite EASY in rockwool in the little 2x2 blocks they airprun themselves

    Then when i go to a 4 inch block (i dont use rockwool just playing with it) it roots up well

    If you plant straight into a 4 inch block a single tap goes straight down then has to air prune before sending off secondary roots and it takes longer to fill the block with roots

    So now im going to keep doing this for seed runs anyway

    Clones are even easier in an aero cloner

    Just nip the roots at 4 inches long for a few days up to 2 weeks (after that i beleive it slows them like bonsai) :)
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    If you let the outside of the pot dry out, won't the roots air prune themselves?
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    Not if its not a breathable pot

    If its hard plastic roots will circle which isnt desired either

    Check out dr whitcomb root vids :)
    As said the results are super easy to replicate just by sprouting your seedlings in a SMALL 2x2 sized rockwool block or similar

    Then when you see the roots break off into multiple runners you up pot :) now youll have a fibrous upper root system with multiple "tap" roots :)
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    I just cut the bottom of the rootball off with a bread knife and shave down the sides if there's long roots when I uppot. By the time they get into a final 4gal pot they are just a mass of fine feeder roots and never have long roots in the bottom at harvest.


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    So if I want to have the tap root send out secondaries asap I would start in 1" cubes then into 4"?

    Nipping roots (or pruning new growth) seems like it would slow down growth pretty much any time hence my obsessions with air pruning and LST :-)
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    Thats what im switching to i use the grodan mini blocks to start then into 4 inchers when the taps shoot out secondaries and it shouldn't skip a beat.(for seedlings i use an aero cloner for my cuts)

    As for clones and the slowing of growth comment.

    With my clone exp i put them in a dwc setup and
    Basical would get almlst an inch of new root growth daily

    And i trimmed it back for about a month straight

    From my observations it helps keep the plant compact but it doesnt stop new growth if that makes sense.

    Now after about 2 weeks worth i noticed the top side of the plant was starting to slow and get pissed by that time there where tons of secondary roots with lots of fishbone roots

    After that i think it hurts more then is beneficial

    Im just now getting ready to chop the clones that where in the experiment and they did well for the abuse i put them through

    But now im convinced that the root pruning at 4 inches to be beneficial

    Cause they really get a large root system going alot faster at least it seemed like i didnt have a control plant in the system to compare to

    But it wont hrt clones at all to nip their roots at 4 inchs for one week straight :) its pretty cool to whatch as you snip the primary root it branches off and when you nip those they branch off as well

    almost like when topping for mutliple colas

    Any questions let me know ill try to answer as best as i can.

    Im pretty sure i have a bunch of photos in this thread :)

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    Haha short answer yes.

    And nipping roots wont hurt a clone for a week straight i hadnt tried cutting a seedlings roots

    But on this last batch of seeds i had a few beans decapitate themselves and i got one to survive

    So it got "pruned" directly under the cotyledons:)

    Its finally rerooted suprisingly

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    It would be great if you could try the cloner with a snip vs no-snip. That would ease my mind and hopefully provide hard evidence that my obsession with air pruning is over blown.

    Xs121 Well-Known Member

    I grow in

    4x4rockwool (1).jpg 4x4rockwool (2).jpg

    4x4 rockwool
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I can almost guarantee that snipping the roots will produce more roots .....

    And i got my hands full atm with some seed runs

    But when i get some clones going again here soon ill try and do that for ya

    If not you can and post it here :)

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    use to no this old girl years ago that would prune the roots off the dwc and toss it thru a salad i never seen any ill effects of her doing this nore i seen any positive

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    man, i use fab pots, i dont like the mold buildup on them. salt, whatever, dont like it.. going back to plastic 1 gallons and drilling a thousand holes in them, there, now they can breathe, lol..

    whats the trick with the fab pots anyways? Spray them down everyday on the outside, to attract roots?

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    I only ever used fab pots a few times

    As long as your media is wet roots should grow till it hits the dry bag then they will air prune ...at least in theory..

    Your probably just seeing salt build up

    But i agree its one of the few things im finding out i dont like in rockwool is algae or mold what ever it is :)

    But i only use the rockwool for seedlings
    As i hate buying media and after i find the cuts i want to keep i switch to hydro of some type
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