32kw High Pressure Aeroponic setup - How do i buildout?

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    Okay so i've done DWC bubbleponics in the past. had some good results and took a break from growing for a while. Now I'm within 30 days of beginning the buildout for a commercial grow and I'm really stuck on how the most cost effective & efficient way to build this. both 20x20 rooms share a wall. i'll be implementing (16) Gavita Pro Classic 1000w Double Ended Complete Fixtures and running a flip-flop so technically 16 ballasts and 32 lights (16 per room). I'm shooting for 2# per light.

    I have (2) 20ft. x 20ft. rooms for flowering. 16x16ft usable space because i'll need a 2ft. center aisle with 1ft perimeter around the room. I want both rooms constantly flowering so when I'm harvesting one room i'm immediately kicking new ones into flowering on the other, therefore pulling a crop every ~5 weeks. I'll grab a few 10x20 tents for cloning/veg and i have a 15x28 room that i will either use for drying or possibly keep the mother plants but it has a commercial 3-part sink in it so really its usable 15x20ft.

    I thought PVC pipes (16x) 12"x16ft. PVC pipes but that costs nearly $12,000 for 512ft. of 12" PVC. thats just not cost-effective. I'm familiar with building micro/closet grows from the Centrex Plastics 27ga totes, however to fill each room would be approx. 60 totes (120 total). That doesn't seem very efficient either in terms of maintenance, tubing, etc. - I'm relatively familiar with the pumps, tubing, misters, etc. I'm just concerned about the physical layout of the system i need to build.

    I've looked into aeroflo system but i'm not wild about what i've seen and i'd prefer a true high pressure system. Any ideas, references, pictures, etc. would be EXTREMELY helpful, as i'm really dumbfounded with how i can make this happen on the realistic budget i have left after installing both 5 ton A/C units, tons of electrical work ($24k), installing the 3 phase power, etc. etc. etc.

    If i can't figure this out i may be forced to growing coco until i recoup some investment, however i don't particularly want to grow coco (not saying theres anything wrong with it, i just have my heart set on high pressure aeroponics at the moment). If coco will be a significantly better, simpler route for the beginning i am open to it. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    I am also looking to setup my first grow, but nothing even near your size. However I was looking at using these 15" diameter drain pipes, it might work for you. They are 15" diameter and 20 feet long. They are about $180 bucks a piece but if you do the math for 512 ft it comes in around $4600 instead of 12k for your pvc. Might be able to find a roll of this as well for cheaper price.

    15" x 20 ft. Single Solid Corrugated Drainage Pipe

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    Hire a consultant if you can't find the appropriate information using the search tool. I can put you in touch with a few if you'd like.

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    If your legit id say youd be better off to build a low pressure setup and get your rooms dialed then switch over to HP once your kinks are worked out. Having your "heart set" on a method such as hp aero for a new build and without any previous experience seems unwise to me. What do i know tho..

    6" is fine for LP but go 8" if you want to upgrade to HP or you have the coin. Again maybe huge pipe is a hp volume thing... one more reason to go lp.

    Those lights are good for 5x5 and your jamming them into 20x20's and adding isles so just sayin... also better have minimum 10' if not 12' ceilings.

    Go with x2 separate minis vs 1 large one. Easier load on 2 and then if one shits the bed you still have cooling capabilities. You can also use one as a duhue and one to heat during lights off. Unless your somewhere hot. That 5 ton goes down your fubar. As well your 5 ton wont cut your x16. Trust me. Unless you have a basment or building with low ambient temps to begin with. I run x12 per room and my rooms are bigger. If my ambients werent low and it wasnt winter both units would run tits out.

    High pressure sounds cool but you can hit 3 a light no problem in lp setups especially with DE lighting. They cost less coin and stress. Pump shits the bed you go to home depot and grab a replacement. I looked at HP and it aint worth it IMO.

    Heres what i decided on... To each their own.

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    I would start under a light or 2. Stick with what you know for the main crop until you work out a system, personally i would stay away from tubes, cleaning in between crops is a significant factor with aero systems, i think i mentioned on here (riu) a bit of my aero system but dont remember and dont see the point in explaining it anymore as it took yrs to develop, no disrepect meant. Good luck, im interested in where this thread goes. Nothing will stop the heart quite like a hundred plants wilting in full lighting, fucking pumps, this is a big factor, i developed a system and a back up system essentially, where if one pump goes down there still getting coverage from another, very usefull info i mention, might not see the significance of both points untill failure from them. Again good luck and start from scratch as most info i see posted on aero will not sustain yr around production.

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