300 watt marshydro autoflower. Plz help

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    Mediocre medicals

    Mediocre medicals New Member

    Just bought a 300 watt LED marshydro I'm aloud to have 12 plants, looking for a reliable seedbank for autoflower strains. Anybody got any tips on how I can get the most bud out of a 10x5 room And one maybe 2 300 watt marshydro hydro? Lst? Looking to get maximum harvest in minimal days if anybody has any tips. Planned to use fox farm organic soil and 3 gallon pots for ten auto flowers and lst under 2 of the 300 watt LEDs. Any input out there?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Hate to say this but .... Those Mars hydro panels will not grow more than one or two plants half ass. The stated " power " is false they are about 1/2 of stated power based on actual pull from wall. So you are ACTUALLY putting out about 155 each.

    The panels CAN do 300 but are built to " throttle " down as to give the diodes a longer life.

    I would say target a more manageable amount of plants to start - say 3 or 4 .
    This way you can concentrate on them easier than trying to juggle 12.
    Once you get things operating , you can start up a couple more , so on and so on.

    Autos are easy , plant and go. Once they pop they cannot stop. They veg only for a short period then start throwing pistils around day 35-40 ( typical ) from seed. The breeder estimates on yield , harvest time , size is a GUIDE ONLY ... Most perform better running a bit longer until they are mature , NOT on week you are on.

    Stateside :
    DC Seed Exchange
    The Vault
    and a few others ( look at seedbank reviews on RIU )

    Overseas :

    I buy 90% if my autos from here - I always got my shit from them .
    They take CC , and it is secure. It DOES NOT appear as a bad purchase thru card.
    I have even bought with my ATM debit ... You tell bank to open card to SHOP international . It takes less than 5 min. Then you are good.

    I ordered here OVER 15 times , never an issue.
    They have a huge selection , both regular , autos , hybrids , premium.

    Good luck
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    Mediocre medicals

    Mediocre medicals New Member

    Found a good seedbank how much can I get off two of the three hundred watt LEDs and a ten pack of autoflower seeds?

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with BZ-at best, your Mars will 'grow' a couple of small plants. That's using both of them at the same time-there just isn't enough intensity to grow anything larger.
    Mediocre medicals

    Mediocre medicals New Member

    Autoflower is smaller though than a photo period? What's best to grow a few autoflower plants

    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    You can always augment whatever led lighting you have with 2700K and 6500K spiral bulbs. 6500K during flower, replaced by 2700K when flowers start to appear.

    Yeah, I corrected it.
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    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    10x5 room with 1 or 2 mars hydro '300's? Just so you know..they are not 300 watt panels..they are just called mars 300..they actually draw just over 130 watts at 110 volts. It's good for 1 or max 2 plants..but with 2 full sized plants..you need side lighting for sure. 1 mars 300 can cover about a 2x2 area. For a 5x10 room..fully stocked with plants..you'll need 2 600 watt hps's or equivalent in led's. If you add cfl bulbs..you want the blue 6500's for veg and replace them with red 2700's in flower. Someone else posted the info backwards.

    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    2 Mars over 2 or 3 autoflowers in 3 gallon pots would provide around 4-6 ounces of decent bud every 10-12 weeks. This would require a 3'x2' grow space; if not a little less.

    Have you checked out Viparspectra lights? Better pricing, same concept.

    Have you considered nutes,calmag, reflective material/tent, fans/ventillation, ppm meter, odor control, water source etc? The only way to make it to the finish line is to create the proper environment.

    SwiSHa85 Well-Known Member

    Here's what I tell most new indoor growers. Good lights, Good genetics and absorb as much knowledge as you can before you start. Looks like your going for high yield, so do your research on lights and pick something large enough for your grow space. Also sounds like you want an LED that is cheaper in price. Check out Optic LED for affordable, high par led lights. If you want large coverage for really cheap, go with HPS/MH but in the end that option cost you more with energy cost. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH !!!
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    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    10x5 with 2 300w mars hydro panel?? Lmao not gonna happen one cover 1.5x2 and they need To be at 24" max from thé lady in bloom To have à décent harvest, they can give good yields (i still use one mainly for veg but i started 2 auto in 5gal)

    Go for vero29 or quantum board you will have more lumen and à better spectrum and better harvest Instead of spending money on bullshit ( i got cxb 3590 just 2 blow thé ass of thé 300w m.h. for lass watt no joke)

    With auto they need space for roots, food and the more light you gave them ,thé bigger your harvest will be,

    Try dutch passion auto , they usually give big harvest, i order on alchimia.com and choice seedbank, 2 weeks oversea but i always get my order
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    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    2 with 5gal bucket and organic grow reward me well with dutch passion auto at least 150g each round with very little care,

    Im gonna start a thread on a cross on testing dinafem mobydick xxl x dutch passion auto blue mazar i Will post thé links tonight

    Fayzz399 Member

    1 Mars 300w is not enough for 12 plants.Maybe it's OK when they are seeding and veg,but you should add more led is you want to grow 12 big plants.

    growpotma Member

    You are going to need a whole bunch of those lights for 12 plants. Since you said you can grow 12 I'm guessing you live in Massachusetts? Me too! Here are some possible setups you can use. My friends (and their friends) kept asking me to help them pick out equipment so I finally just made a couple lists and put them online lol. These are probably perfect for you since they're designed specifically for beginners who want to grow in MA without spending a lot of money. Feel free to message or email me if you have anymore questions. Also, don't get discouraged by people on here who make it sound like you need to spend a million dollars and have a PhD to grow some plants. You can keep it cheap and simple and still grow some good shit!


    ChefKimbo Well-Known Member

    OP don't listen to this guy above here.

    This is likely a solicitation of some sort.

    Some of the best grower on the net are active in these forums. Sift thru the trash and find what your looking for here.

    I hate to see guys buy these lights before asking around. I fell for the Mars marketing as well.

    The BEST thing you could do is to NOT EVER buy another one of those lights.

    Invest in full spectrum LEDs. High Quality COB or Samsung LM561C mid power LED based products are your best bet.
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    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    I use my mars for veg and autoflo when i flower i add 2 cxb 3590 to have a nice mix of spectrum and more penetration, for a first time mars do the job , but like you i would say to go directly for cob and qb, more expensive but tottaly worth it for just 230$ they are nice kits from diffrent seller like cobkit.com and rapidled.col
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Yeah those Mars lights can grow 12 plants, as long as they in Solo cups!
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member


    gwheels Well-Known Member

    Vero cobs (or citizen or whathaveyou) or quantum boards or strips will crush that mars light. I might have said it in this post but I would bet 60% of all growers on here have a mars or kingrow or vispar in their closet. If weed is 200 an oz and you can grow 8 oz of stellar weed for 10 bucks a seed how long until good light pays for itself?

    I am not a salesman for the company but i bought the cheapest light timber makes and it is pretty incredible in performance. I may scrap my 315 and run just timber veros in my 4 x 4 because they work better than my 315 CMH. That is my opinion based on my grows. :D
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    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    I'm one of them...
    I have 3 of the old 'blurples' sitting on the shelf-they only get used in an emergency. That's almost $500 sitting there that would have been better invested in a quality rig-they have grown 2 grows for me and have paid for themselves but if you want to really grow some top shelf meds in volume then get a better light.
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