2nd Annual Hash Bash Cup 2018


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is it med patients only in there? Im at the bash every year(diag& monroe street fair) i wanted to head over there last year but figured you had to have the card to get in.


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It all boils down to campus versus city jurisdiction, but even though campus police CAN get you, they don't. Monroe Street Fair takes place off campus (unlike the diag/Hash Bash) and nobody needs a card there. It's like walking into a public park that is hosting a free outdoor concert. Actually, it IS a public outdoor free concert lol. There are some vendor booths set up there by the different clubs scattered around Michigan and I'm sure they will expect to see a card if you intend to cop anything, but other than that no, nobody ever asks for a card. Too many joints coming at you from all directions for anybody to give a shit.


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47th Annual Hash Bash 2018
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Saturday April 7th at high noon
on the University of Michigan Diag

47th Hash Bash 2018 TROG poster.jpg
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The 1st year event was way better than year 2 from almost everyone I talked to that went. Also prices went way up to if you planned on staying the night, probably due to food and entertainment costs, and for what! Its lost a little bit of its luster already since its a little bit unfair when some of the judges are from the dispensaries that won, they knew what to vote for. Still a fun event but not anything special anymore.