2ftx2ft Cab Grow - 150w HPS - 1 Big Pot or 4 small ones?

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    What's going on RIU?

    So I just ordered SuperCloset's "SuperStar" HPS Soil Cabinet on 12/27 and wanted to get my soil mix cooking as it should be here the week of Jan 20th. It is a 2ft x 2ft x 5ft steel cabinet and comes with 4 5-gal pots.

    I can give a bunch of details but don't wanna waste anyone's time so I'll just get to the point. Going to be using a no till organic soil mix (peat moss, rice hulls, compost, alfalfa, kelp, neem, oyster shell, and rock dust) in a yet tbd pot. This is where my question comes in. Should I use the 5-gal pots the system comes with and grow 4 plants? Or should I get a 20-gal smartpot (the biggest size that'll fit my cab) and grow one plant instead? Again using a no till soil that needs to cook and I plan to use over and over. Also, I am planning on using the SCROG method to fill the space. Below is a picture of the box I bought.

    Thanks in advance! IMG_6938.PNG
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    4 plants would be the same amount of weed in a faster time would it not? Something like the " m2 or meter squared " of plant growth remains the same 2x2 but it took one plant 2x as long to fill it

    But smart pots increase growth rate from what I hear so why not 4 5 gal smart pots.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    5 gallon pots are more than enough. even for a single plant in that area. 1 plant scrog may take a week or two more veg time but SOG with 4 plants or SCROG with 1 plant would both work well

    SvenskiDWC Member

    Are you growing with feminized seeds? If so, one plant will take longer as mentioned above but you only have to worry about the one plant. If you are confident if your ability that might be better. I have had two plants same strain and age need different nutrient requirements which was a pain... Also one plant under a screen is easier to train that two or more sharing a screen.. But if you screw up the single plant or Get a male youre s.o.l. End yeild should be a negligible difference, with the single plant taking slightly longer to veg.

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    I'm building a 2x2 box and am going to run 2, 3 gal air pots in it with a scrog. They won't be exactly 3 gals as I'll be cutting them down from 11" to 9". I'm height restricted at 4'. I have a 16" x 16" timber grow light going in it and should be able to yield about 10oz a grow if I really want to, generally around 8oz strain dependent. My last grow, I vegged with a 250w then flowered with a 400w and yielded just under a pound of buds and trim, fan leaves had been defoliated prior to harvest. 12 something oz of bud, the rest in sugar leaves so 8oz is probably more realistic for me.

    You can run smaller air pots than you can regular pots due to the self pruning. 2 of my last 3 grows were in smart pots which I didn't like as they were too soft sided making LST'ing more difficult. I grow from clones.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I concur with GIantsfan24, 2 plants. Consider mainlining them

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    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm going to run 2 plants in a 25 gal smartpot. I know most said 5 gal will be fine but in no/till you want the biggest pot possible to let the worms and bennies grow and reproduce. This smartpot fits 3.3 cuft of soil and is 21in in diameter and 15 in high. Making my own soil mix at a 1:1:1 peat:aeration:composts with various amendments mixed in and topped with red wiggled worms. Should be perfect for my 24inx24inx60in box with a lil room on the sides for air flow. Starting a journal today as I just mixed my soil and want to keep full tabs.

    Thanks again everyone!

    pockitsPM Well-Known Member

    Post the link to the journal

    0mfg420 Member

    I have a 2'x2' tent and ill go with 4x 1gal smartpots, 200w DIY cob led. And as a medium ill use canna coco...
    I have two scrog screen so it will be easier to fill woth 4 plants.

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