24footx24foot x 10 foot tall single room

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    simplycypher New Member

    guys whats the best setup for this, all opinions welcome :)

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    Lots of electricity

    Sounds like you need to start smaller.... with a 4x4 tent...grow a few plants to completion a couple times. Then... once you know you can grow and know what kind of work is involved... you will know what do with all that space.
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    Anthrax-VX Member

    lots space, i envyyou :) i ended up going with a 10x12 with 12 bucket system RDWC, but from what everyone has told me i should have gone with something a little easier and less risky type of grow like a drip to waste in cocoa, i just wanted to do it my way ;) working out good but efficiency wise, i think a drip to waste would waste less water than the rdwc system unless you are recycling your water back through RO, also dont forget to maybe plan for a sealed space for mothers and a curing spot, and maybe even a veg spot so you can run cycles,

    also have to think about logistics/practicality of certain types of grows in your particular system, do you have available a drain? do you have space for a water tank, do you have water supply , etc. etc. etc. :)

    simplycypher New Member

    what could i yeild out of this space?

    simplycypher New Member

    and thank you both for replys

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Using every square foot (which isn't practical) 36-54lb

    Been more practical, 24ft X 24ft / 576square foot you could have rows of

    4ft x24ft plant area
    2.66ft walkway
    4ft plants
    2.66ft walkway
    4ft plants
    2.66ft walkway
    4ft plants.

    As an example each row of 4x24 of plants would have 6x 600hps (or other lighting)
    Take away 2 lights for movement at the ends of the two middle rows.
    = 22 lights/4x4 plant canopies
    Each light you could pull 1-1.5lb


    More probable that you will get 20lb and a very high electricity bill.


    simplycypher New Member

    lmao be like 1200$ power bill jebus..

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