⚡️2022 Mars Hydro Grow Journal Contest-Win FC-E LED Grow Light!⚡️

Mr. Bakerton

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I am asking people to stop the conversation so that the winners can touch base with mars hydro without 6 pages of chatter inbetween
Sorry if i made that unclear. i thought it was clear i was asking people not to derail the thread

I think this whole thread has been hard to follow with so many out of context posts. That might not be a popular opinion.

Frank Nitty

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Thank you ever so much @MarsHydrofactory for the 6 inch fan kit.

This will be very helpful at keeping my tent temperature and humidity in check.

www.mars-hydro.com for all your growing needs.

Thank you to everyone for there participation.

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The one I won is still sitting in the corner... I'm shutting down the operation for a minute anyway... I have too much weed on my hands as it is!!! Still have 4 that are about ready for chop,and 5 more that are still growing, on top of all that I already have!!!
Just gave my daughter 2 bags like this for her 22nd birthday!!! Needless to say that she thinks I walk on water!!!
I tell her that the Fly God is an awesome God!!! DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOOOOOOT!!!20220329_145315.jpg


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Can I do a grow journal with just a mars hydro tent? I think it's a great tent, would that qualify me?