2018 CBD/THC Pain Relief Cream - How-to?

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    No threads on the topic in 2018, so I wanted to ask a few questions.

    We have family members with Plantar Fascitis, Hand Tendonitis, Back Pain, and Arthritis. There have been lots of requests for me to make a "natural pain relief cream" so everyone can try it on their body parts. No one cares about getting high.

    There have been discussions, but I haven't seen any step by step guides. I tried this a few months back with Raw Cocoa Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Essential Oils, Preservative, Beeswax, Emulsifier, etc. and it was a mess. I couldn't get a nice consistency.

    I purchase all my ingredients from Bulk Apothecary to ensure top-notch premium quality products

    - OG Kush ~22% THC (dispensary tested) - 10grams
    Optional Ingredient: Datura (aka Moonflower) Leaf and Seed Pods
    100% Pure Essential Oils - Eucalyptus, Ginger, Wintergreen, Lavender, Rosemary
    Carrier oil - Refined Sunflower Oil
    Preservative: Germaben ii E
    Side note: I may be growing Purple Orange 5%THC/10%CBD to use a high CBD product

    Decarb -
    Ardent Nova Decarboxylator
    Infuser - LEVO Oil Infuser
    Mixer - KitchenAid Blender

    The plan is to create 16 liquid ounces of product, which would result in 100g THC/oz of product - assuming a 75% THC extraction from the flower.

    I'm looking for recommendations as to how I can turn this into a cream that can be put into a pump bottle. All the infusing will be done with the sunflower oil in the LEVO after the flower has been decarbed. I need to figure out what other products I need to create a thick creamy consistency and then the process to make it happen. I don't know much about emulsifying, other than I did it wrong last time. I also have to take into consideration that the essential oils and preservative need to be kept under 100 degrees F.

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    Of course, it was posted about one month back from where I stopped looking :p

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    After reading through the five pages, @BobBitchen, that thread does not accomplish what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a much more specific recipe, along with a way to turn this into a product that can be bottled. There is way more science to getting the consistency right and maintaining proper temperatures to not ruin the essential oils and preservatives.
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    Would really love if someone could help out with the pain cream requests?

    As I've mentioned, I haven't been able to find a good discussion about making a perfect pumpable cream.

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    I found a recipe I plan on making when harvest comes.
    It was posted on ilovesheabutter Com

    It’s called “pumpable body loiton” if you try it please post thoughts

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    No expert here, just a old guy that makes my own salve for my neropic feet and bad knee.
    Personally, with the investment in ingredients, pumps waste alot. Secondly, I like the way plain old canibis infused coconut oil absorbes in the skin. Simply add essential oil to help cover up the stink of pot if using as a salve. (Making coconut oil salve is what my pot doc recommend.)

    IMHO stronger is better, not a measurement person for personal use. Also use the same coconut oil infusion in OO capsules, and catch a buzz from 2.

    I decarb 1 32 oz Mason jar of THC rich sugar leaves, and 1 32 oz Mason jar of CBD rich sugar leaves.

    Dump the decarbed weed in a crock pot on low with about 12 oz coconut oil (organic, cold press that is solid at room temperature). Add water to to cover. Simmer on low for at least 48 hours.
    Strain and separate.

    Personally I would make concentrates out of that weed first to reduce odor and increase strength. That way you could make a pumpable cream and still have strength.
    (That's the direction I am headed for salves and consumables.)
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    I can get you the ingredient list from the salve I currently buy in bulk. I dont have a ratios, just the ingredient list.

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    The following is my salve recipe. We call in “Magic Cream” in my house. It gets used on everything from muscle pain to scrapes and cuts.

    1 To 1.5c canna oil
    1oz (1/3 c) beeswax
    2T shea butter
    15-50 drops essential oil
    Vitamin E oil (added to adjust consistency)
    2 droppers full spectrum cbd oil
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