2018 california cannabis rules regs and discussion.

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    ... post regs and links here. The new rules are complicated and more restricting than medical cannabis laws. some rules effect medical cannabis laws. i did not vote this in or against because it's not a great law; we could have done better. plus side is i got a job managing a licensed grow; even though i told em i was a novice.

    mmic card
    new tax regs up to 34.5%
    city regs\ what cities allow cannabis businesses
    business licenses
    all purchases tracked
    valid i.d. required for purchase
    new dispensing regulations
    changes to medicinal rules
    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    short summary of cons.
    if you have a criminal record, even for pot, you can't get a business license. limit 3 licenses total. licenses are temporary only, must be okayed by the city before applying for state permits.
    consumers can no longer smoke in public , even with medicinal card.
    new taxes and packaging rules will bring prices up. ounce prices are the same as before medical, only pound prices and gram - quarter prices went down with medical. {basically weed costs the same to consume and produce it's just harder to make money off and to find good weed}limit one ounce for personal possession outside of home. more weed and cheaper lb prices plus high taxes, mean that the grower gets less and now the government gets some but the average heavy user pays the same for an oz - a qp. more weed on the market in this case means more crap weed and higher prices for the better weed.

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    I wanted to look into the growing regs, to see if they treated clones as "Plants" in the six plant limit.
    I'm planning a "Bath Tub" grow for 4-6 plant and figuring that if they treat clones as plants then "Autos" from seed might be best?
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    esh dov ets

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    clones are plants when they have roots.

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