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    loving it here. hit me up

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    meaning the Black Briefcase or RUI in general?

    What are you interested in apart from ganja?

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    Dude looooooves briefcases.
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    too larry

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    I don't know why but just yesterday I watched a series of videos about 9-11 and it was rife with conspiracy theories. Maybe it's because I've ingested too many drugs over the year...but they made sense. It was a planned event and not by Al quaida...but by the power elite as a cover up for fraud to the tune of trillions of dollars. Scary shit
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    You can easily take several unlinked events and, with the right wording, turn it into whatever you want, when a government does it it's called "propaganda" or "scaremongering" and is something that has been done since man evolved beyond the "Ug" stage.

    Some of these people are loons, some are seeing things that aren't there, but others are quite sharp as they know that if they can fnd enough people to fool then there's an earnings stream they can exploit. It's nothing new, con artists will use any means, whether that's religion, global warming, politics, whackamole conspiraloon theories, whatever, to make a living off of others.

    You could say it's the joys of the internet, a great deal of creativity has been unleashed. Unfortunately a whole generation of poorly educated and gullible people who believe that anything they see on Facebook is true has also been unleashed, people who are not only gullible enough to "believe" because it's on the internet, but are also gullible enough to spend money buying merchandise, subscribing and donating to the con artists ("Wings Over Scotland" is a good one there, fighting for Scottish Independence from the south west of England living on donations from Scots who "believe in the dream". Tens of thousands per year for conning the gullible).

    The thing is, the likes of the WTC conspiracies don't live up to the slightest scrutiny, yet people would rather believe the fantasy. And the worst thing is most of them can't even use the use of assorted drugs as an excuse...

    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    But Fubard,
    Could it be that the ordinary world that we live in...IS the conspiracy theory. And on occasion inquiring minds manage to see behind the curtain...
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