1st grow. Is she ready to harvest?

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    guitarman5150 Member

    Here is the last plant in my first grow. She has made it when the others crashed and burned. The Strain is more cowbell.
    Do you think she is done? Strain says 63 days. I’m on day 67. The tricomomes are very slightly milky, still a lot of clear ice looking tricomomes and 30% have mushroomed heads but very little amber. Like 1%. I'm thinking of dropping her in the cold at 60 degrees with total darkness for 3 days then harvest. What do you guys think?

    704E0B60-A181-40DF-8F80-E7064FDDD9CB.png 9FDFF400-385E-46AB-803F-59D8B65B9C96.png 6CF8D2EE-4300-429F-94CA-352DB11CE4FA.png D8242349-E419-4F61-9442-F4C507DCFED1.png 6425E4F7-8F89-47F9-B692-69D6B406665B.jpeg AD05B378-074D-477C-BB00-F0505446B71C.jpeg 32BBECCC-81DF-4439-92A7-CA456F4A7051.jpeg AFAB9BC2-30DA-4667-8035-008BBDC7D880.jpeg

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    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    Buds looks great man well done!
    Leave it one week then harvest,but leave it in pure darkness for three days.
    Those 60 day harvest estimates are just guidelines , but yeah i would just keep an eye on the trichomes because that is how you know for sure (I would harvest when the trichomes are milky with a scatter of amber).
    Hope this helps.
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    demonhaze Well-Known Member

    Not quite yet but soon imo, id say maybe a week then flush and chop her
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    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    Pretty darn close. I would keep watching the trykes and if they don't get cloudy then just chop at day 75. Or just chop one at day 75 and keep watching.
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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    I'd say a week.
    I don't bother with scoping trichs anymore, all I do is look at the leaves and the hairs on the bud.
    When I got a lot of yellow leaves and the hairs on the bud are 1/2-3/4 brown, then I chop.
    Reading trichs is too much a pain is the ass for me.
    These plants are finished at 9 weeks, and are being cut today.

    IMG_20180518_103605392_HDR.jpg IMG_20180518_103707479_HDR.jpg IMG_20180516_184855507_HDR.jpg IMG_20180505_145318380_HDR.jpg

    You did a nice job, keep up the good work.

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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Total darkness for 3 days means shit, beside saving you money on the electrical bill.
    What you should do is reduce the hours that the lights are on.
    I shift from 11 on to 7 on in week 7 of bloom to mimic fall lighting conditions, to tell the plant, hurry up girl, produce all the resin you can, because your about to die.
    It seems to work.
    Oh, and stay away from temperature, the only temp you have to worry about is heat indoors, like above 85, you'll have issues
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    guitarman5150 Member

    I’m glad I didn’t chop a week ago. There now just starting to turn purple. The little guys getting more light are growing some. Now starting to see almost complete milky mushroom heads. Still hardly any amber though. Today’s photos are day 69 of flower.
    8FCBF18C-6DD1-41D3-BF16-D240EBC86BEE.jpeg 3E00F278-4EE9-4542-8CC3-50036F64656A.jpeg 47954308-79D4-42F1-BBAD-5E8AF52010F7.jpeg 52429944-4F73-45A7-B84A-70531FD27B7F.jpeg

    Gonna take the advice. I just set my lights at 7.5 hours on. See what happens now. How long do you think I got? days? A week? Will the little buds get much bigger?
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