1st Grow - Hubbabubbasmelloscope in DWC & Water Farm

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by cjsbabygirl313, Feb 26, 2018.


    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Happy bday!

    See..save that ph money for a jetski lol

    cjsbabygirl313 Well-Known Member

    Hubby already bought me the jet ski for my birthday last year ;-)

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Right on. Maybe a PH funded jetski turbo kit? Lol

    cjsbabygirl313 Well-Known Member

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    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    so you grow hydroponically?
    You use lime in your hydro setup?

    not tryin to be an ass but I am sure if she wanted to grow in soil she would have purchased a bag of Potting Mix and been done with it. Seems like she was intrigued by hydroponics and decided to try it...

    since you are a noob I will let it pass
    but honestly IMO you might want to come with some experience first

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    this is as easy as it gets
    no till no water no nutes
    just throw seed on the soil and call it a day
    but I am sure she probably wanted to experiment with something unfamiliar
    none of us get money from anything so directing her to get something that will make it easier for her
    isnt the reason why we are being nice
    we are being nice and helping her to finish a grow so she feels confident to succeed
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Lime is in promix ph. Same as azomite. Is there a problem with using that and hydro nutes?

    Shes new, just like me. Us new folks dont know, so rely on "experts" to sell us shit. Too bad theres hoops of fire to jump through to get easy answers.

    I think we all just want to grow fire, not try out science experiments and have dying plants that need us to buy shit to fix problems that shouldnt even be there....but i guess theres some who just want a new hobby cause they are bored af. Lol. Im gonna guess most just wanna smoke...

    I only came on after she was like shit my plants look like a rusty old ford...still.. for that space station, i dont think they should be rusting. Somethings not right, so maybe try something thats easier.....like promix.

    Buying more shit to fix the problems of the stuff she already bought? Doesnt seem right. All im saying.

    I maybe a noob, but u seen my plant? Looks better than most pros who been growing for longer than ive been alive. Haha

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    I am considered an "Expert" and I would never sell anyone anything
    I suggest things to make it simpler

    we dont know why she got the hydro setups so yes you do sound like an ass when you elude to her either being sold snake oil or stupid for trying something different

    but there are growing steps to new things
    maybe she wanted to be adventurous and bold and different than the average "promix" grower

    when some of us came to this thread she was failing and her seedlings were about dead
    we carried her out
    and it will soon get better with the next changeout

    as soon as she gets used to what she needs to do it will become second nature

    your comments IMO are negative and dont contribute to positive thinking
    we want her to succeed
    by telling her she should have would have could have.....dosnt help us move forward

    she could have chosen many ways to grow
    she chose what she chose
    so we walk her through this and get her to the finish line
    along the way she will decide if this is what she wants or if she would like to try something different
    or grow at all

    maybe this will become to overwhelming
    or maybe she catches on and blows it up

    either way it is her choice and I am willing to stick it out for her and walk her through it to the finish...but there really is no room for would have should have could have....we all have our likes and dislikes

    if you dislike what you see move along
    but please ....no negativity...it dosnt help progress

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    wow, he just doesn't get it does he
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    If i sound like an ass for telling someone
    They may have been or about to buy snake oil, yeah ill be the ass then. It doesnt even have to be promix that someone buys. Im just a huge fan of mico, azomite, peatmoss, dolo lime and perlite all in one for dirt cheap.

    Screw phing nutes and water. Thats huge for me and should be for all other grower. I see so many ph problems on here its kinda crazy...

    I mentioned promix a while back in this journal when i first saw it happening.

    It kept happening so i feel that i have to elaborate a bit more on how not having to ph water and nutes is a game changer for noobs like me.

    Again, were noobs, this is just to grow a damn plant in the end that is med grade. Ill tell anyone the easiest most legit way for top quality bud that ive seen so far that anyone can use which is almost idiot proof for stupid fools like myself.

    My pictures are there to prove it.

    Thats all. Not calling her stupid, just saying that if anyone wants an easy grow that dumbass stoners like myself cant even fuck up on, check out promix hp. Stupid me has made an amazing plant for dirt cheap and easy...
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    U rebel ;P

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    soo....what snakeoil is she about to purchase?

    what nutes are you using?

    We steered her towards a 1part nutrient and a root inoculant
    all she has to do is measure ml's
    ph will be hitting around 5.5 without ph

    I am just dumbfounded by your nonsense
    please move along

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Root what? She had white stems and yall were already "oh shit, your stems are yellow. Buy this." Gtfoh.

    Sell more to fix a problem? Love it.

    The experts always sellin shit and noob ass me was just sayin save some money you dont need it. Lol. Good day, expert ;)
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    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    you def need to pull you head out of....
    oh nevermind

    come back with your nonsense when you have completed a DWC grow

    again what nutes are you using

    where are your pics at?
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Lol. When i complete a dwc grow? Imo DWC is unnecessary. Run a pump all day too for extra energy consumption? Im running my grow with 150w light and 2 mini fans to conserve energy and cost. You dont need all that extra crap. And if you do, show me some legit studies to prove it.

    Nature has done quite well without DWC. lmfao

    You gonna say mother nature was stupid for not going DWC?

    Im using dirt cheap local hydro store nutes cause i realized that this isnt rocket science early on. Its all just a bunch of elements that are abundant all over the place, not rare minerals that need to be charged an arm and a leg for....I could and will go cheaper by sourcing my own raw dry elements. As should everyone else instead of paying for water and all the other fancy crap that you dont need to grow a friggin weed that will grow anywhere.

    Check out my journal and show me how shit my garbage plant is that i only spent a few dollars to grow.

    Anyways..ill let yall do your thing. Just wanted to say, dont need to spend much to grow this plant and have it be med grade, and esp have whoever reads this to know that and watchout for all the garbage overpriced snake oil for these plants. Theres a shit ton and it doesnt stop with nutes. Lights, mediums, pots, fans, u name it...so much overpriced garbage on this site and its making me sick.lol. Im out. Best of luck with the grow @OP
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    cjsbabygirl313 Well-Known Member

    Thank you @Wisher2 ... yes, I CHOSE to do a hydro set up because its what I wanted; you are correct in that I like being adventurousand trying new things. And as I’ve said befoe, I couldnt have gotten where I am without the great assistance of you, Homie and others who are trying to help me - not make me feel as if I made the wrong choice :-). I just try to ignore the nay-sayers!
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    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    I actually did go to your journal
    and I agree it is "shit garbage"
    but I would never tell you that
    I would however agree because I am not in the business of lying

    by the way what grow shop is that whom sells their own nutrients? Seems fishy....you know they could def be shut down really quick and fined more than their shop is worth for not complying with state and federal regulations

    I agree on the nutes
    but that dosnt mean I wouldnt steer the OP to extremely good and extremely cheap price wise very stable nutrients that will last and get the job done for pennies a gal of feed

    please no more negative nonsense
    the OP dosnt need that
    just want to get her through this grow with the most positive of attitudes

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    ...The big list of names who helped you out at the start of your post and i just saw u say omg my plants rusting.... again... today...ok then.

    These people suck at helping i guess. Haha

    adventurous save some money and build a better light for cheaper than the one you bought with some lm561c s6bin doides with deep reds ;P

    Ill be the evil naysayer. Whatev. Lol. Im just here to try and help save peeps moolah. Thats only reason im growing is to save my ass molah same with many others here but i see so many being told to throw hubdreds and thousands at it. Lets compare at the end. Were about same size and you have 400w vs my 150w. And were both new to this.

    Wisher2 Well-Known Member

    your welcome
    it irritates me when people stumble on to someones thread and start babbling ignorance with negativity and foolishness
    I wish there could be private threads where the public can read but not participate unless invited
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    Wisher2 Well-Known Member


    ooohhhh I love building lights,super fun!!!!!!!!

    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Lmfao. Hows my plants so shit? Not enough light? Burnt? Deficiency? Not enough fan leaves left? I need a net to make it epic? I defol too much? Youre a joke. Expert. Lmfao.

    The whole list of you pros helped her fuck her plant and spent how much? What a fucking joke. This is no longer a place of information, just a place to sell shit to noobs who dont have a fucking clue.

    Wheres your plants? What do you use? Whats your setup?
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