11 days to Dry, then leaving town for 2 weeks.. How can I cure?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Mojave, Aug 1, 2018.


    Mojave Active Member

    I'm chopping tonight, then leaving in 11 days to go outta town for 2 weeks.. This is stressing me as i have a real narrow window to jar after it finishes drying.. I could maybe have a friend come by every few days to burp them? Or If the humidity is stable when i jar, will it be alright not cracking the jars open until I return?

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    I am no pro at curing;
    I have the leaving issue as well.

    I don't have advice unfortunately just also here to see if anyone's has an answer lol

    Can you leave the plant u too you get back?

    Are you able to trust someone to burp the jars?

    I know that when I am in a rut and have no jars and no time I put them in freezing bags and leave them to sweat it out in there until I get jars and open the bag up once a while.
    (That doesn't help your situation I know lol)
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    Mojave Active Member

    I definitely trust my friend, known him half my life. So I'm good on that front lol.

    Definitely can't leave them, they're ready now.

    I can adjust the humidity for the area pretty well. Dunno if that's helpful. I could probably jar it all and take it with it . But that's not ideal at all.
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    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Nah I wouldn't take it with, not smart.

    Best option is in my opinion to jar it and have buddy look after it once and a while until your back. That's what I'd do if I had someone to do that

    Mojave Active Member

    Right on! Sounds like the way to go at this point. Definitely should have planned ahead further to avoid this headache.

    I'm thinking big containers would be the easiest for them to crack open to vent? Maybe some 1 gallon masons? Then i can stick a digital hydrometer in each one for them to eyeball

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    Freeze it

    Mojave Active Member

    I'm not familiar with that technique?

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    You can read about freezer curing in a frost free freezer with the pot in a card board box.

    Or just jar or bag and freeze it at that 11 day dry phase, then thaw it out and continue with your normal jar and burp cure routine.

    Been playing with a partial freezer cure, interesting.

    But you could just use the freezer to give you Piet of mind until you get back
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    DieselNuts Active Member

    Brown paper bag
    I hang first, 5-10 days
    Then into the paper bags for a week or two.
    Then into jars, not much burping after that.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    you can hang for 6-8 days, that gives you at least three days in the jars before you leave. if you burp them good and regular, you can have your friend come by a couple of times to burp them and check them out. when they drop down under 65% you can leave them sealed up, so they should be good till you get back if your friend can stop by a couple of times

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    11 days.... everything that was going to happen pretty much happened already...
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    he posted 6 days ago, still got 5 more to go

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