11 bag seeds from an lb of Goji Og please advise

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    I'm popping these seeds for the full moon next week. They came from an lb of Goji.
    What should I do to find a keeper? Assuming they dont herm. (been popping bag seeds all year and not all of em herm) & Assuming I'm lucky enough to get a male. I should probably pollinate an entire female or two & then select two parents from at least 100 of the resulting seedlings right ?
    Then once I have selected two parents from that 3rd gen I can pollinate another whole two females and begin to BX ?
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    It all depends buddy how much you can't stand growing seedy bud. Im very anal about it some aren't.theres nothing wrong with breeding bagseed though. its most likely impossible to out breed a hermie trait. It can remain hidden but I think eventually letting it hit full ripeness its probably going to herm out. Back in the 80s when all this cannabis was coming in. Everyone was breeding bagseed before you could buy seeds online from like sensi seeds. Even with breeders genetics stuff herms out it happens. If you get some Afghani an cross brother and sister phenotypes. You should have something stable to grow though. Im a noob myself just what I researched im not going to lie to but have grown a lot of bagseed an it showed hermies naturally for me. Sometimes it wont though just what you prefer hope this helps

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Why do you want to pollinate the whole female? are you after hundreds of thousands of seeds? It would probably be better to pollinate just one branch which you will still end up with a hundred or so seeds. Here is a list of FREE books, some of which discuss breeding.
    http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/
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    raggyb Active Member

    Pop all 11, seed a branch on each one, save separately and number, take time to partake in each plant, note which ones don't herm, pick the best one, save the seeds from that one and toss the rest?
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Bagseed is weed seeds froim an unidentifed strain...you know this strain hence these are... not Bagseed but Goji

    Depending on you garden experience you want the moons effects to hit them seeds...

    as the tails grow out or at the actual germ...get that moon working for you

    I'd grow out 11 seeds assume 6 pop...germing does depend more on storage than the moons effects ..!!!

    of those six 3 perhaps 50/50 or 70/30 will be male..etc etc you won't know the sex for a month or more

    in about a months time once you got sex

    you make a choice of suitable candidates grow the rest of females out for toke

    and yeah pollinate just a lower branch of your favorite female...you should still get too many seeds ??

    its your grow operation and how these seeds were stored that will make this op work

    methods to assist

    1: add sandpaper to jar insert seeds and shake non stop for 30secs

    2: add scuffed seeds to warm jar 25c/75F water and a teaspoon of aloe vera juice or 1/8(pinch) of aspirin(got salic)

    3: soak only until they sink ...8-12 hours maybe stay sharp they drown

    4: add to a damp kitchen towel for 24-36 hours keep warm and damp

    above method ensures they start

    good luck
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    I guess you would just call it hermaphrodite goji seeds then? It could still be called bagseed in a small way. Because in my opinion all we know is it's just seeds in a bag. when you think about it, because he's just going from what the person possibly told him dispensaryor dealer which ever the case. It could be cross to something else or busted on itself theres no true way to know? Correct me if im wrong sir, I'd like to hear your opinion im not trying to sound like im having a smart attitude just a friendly debate.

    About the moon suggestion. I think it would cause stress if its a full moon every single night long enough pass that 12 hour mark. An start to confuse it back an forth to reveg. Than back to flower again. Im not too sure im a noob I just grown a lot of bagseed to harvest. But hermaphroditism could be caused naturally by like moon light or on purpose by light deprivation or nute burn or something right? Im always interested in hearing someone's view

    @OP If you want a shit ton of seeds like me I'd pollinate an entire plant and grow some just for bud but its what you feel is best all great suggestions here from everyone either way is great.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I'd be seeing them as 'unstable' Goji OG regulars from Bodhi Seeds(no website) but banks speak well tho some do herm below form Seedfinder.eu

    Bodhi Seeds - Goji OG
    Over the years ive worked on various og kush projects, some interesting plants have come through, but never the total package. This last year ive been testing a very special og hybrid called goji og, named after the bright red sour himalayan berry. This hybrid has excelled indoors and out and is truly the total package, incredible full on og aroma and taste with an undercurrent of red berries, black cherry, hawiian punch, licorice, and alpine strawberries.

    One of the biggest yeilding ogs ive ever run that still maintain the effect, aroma, taste, and resin content of a true og. Improved stature, no more floppy stems, or insane staking required... Grows like an indica hybrid. The few people i have let run her, are dropping everything to pack their rooms with her. the cut i run was found from the first round of three seeds, when i saw the potential i ran a bunch more seeds outside to get a better look. The cross is a combination of my snow lotus male, which is very clear in breeding, i think thats how the magic happened, just passing the size, power and resin over while keeping all the qualities of the og kush. The mother is nepali og aka nepali kush, an old og kush from grass valley that is closest in appearance to the tahoe, the buy in for this cut in the mid 2000's was 20 grand... lol... I dont know if any cut is worth that much, but it is a very nice og...

    Theres two main phenos in the goji og line a big yeilding og smelling totem pole maker of infinite delight, and a smaller strawberry pheno that looks like a super frosty og, but has the super narco high of the snowlotus. The big og smelling pheno shows up about 3 times in one pack of seeds. f2'ing this line opens up a really cool genetic treasure chest, with pure purple stemmed snow lotus phenos, strawberry wands, and nepali og dom girls. Im really excited and proud to offer this to the community... enjoy... and many blessings on your grows.

    THC Content: 18-26%
    CBD Content: 0.5%
    Yield: High
    Plant Height: Tall
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks
    Harvest Month October

    1st place concentrate
    3rd place hash htcc seattle 2013

    Goji Pheno info Via THrive:
    *ThunderEgg is earthyish no fruit OG and was kept for its cerebral high pretty sure thats right..
    *Pinsol Og and ThunderEgg Look the same in Veg Lanky with purpleish stems grows fast compared to other Ogs Ive played with.. easy to clone
    *Strawberry Cream cheese... I like to call her Floppy cause she just flops all over the place with growth have to support her all over but think she worth it... would say she grows as fast as Pinsol and Egg but she flops out all over not Vertically... easy to clone
    *Purple Goji- Pretty sure we know what to expect here... Grows nice for a Purple but 1/2 as fast as Pinsol and Egg and more of a bush not so much Vertically. easy to clone

    as you are concerned with herming grow the first batch of 12? indoors

    under cfl's or T5's checp to buy and use lights in 3 usg pots

    ..avoid 'forcing' them check for light leaks etc

    some will herm but then again just one may not ..wait and see ..lol
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    dankylarry Active Member

    In the past 12 months iv'e popped over 100 bag seed, out of them only the Cherry AK-47 grown by SPARC SF & some unknown outdoor Grapefruit-ish-Diesel-ish turned out to produce true male and female seedlings.

    I admit that if i'd had the money to invest in good seeds from a breeder or chucker it would have saved me a gang load of time and effort, But for learning to grow it was a good experience. Also during that year of learning I accidentally killed many seedlings /wasted many seeds. So ultimately am glad that those didn't cost me 10 bucks each!

    Another good thing about popping all them bag seeds was that it really gave me a chance to grow & taste a lot of different kinds of weed in a small time and ultimately figure out what I like. IMO there is nothing like tasting dank at the exact proper time. Just after drying 1 to 3 weeks into the cure. When bought from someone else its hard to get it in that window.

    The first reply was right though am sick of growing seeded weed & not to mention flowering out runts / not getting much harvest.

    Out of them 11 Goji I selected early for vigor & kept 3, still havnt shown sex yet Will update if i get something interesting.

    1God777 Member

    I hear ya man. Grew 30 bagseed bro after mowing out the males ended up with like 10 females 6 hermied out on me. Ended with like 4 plants out all that .but got to experience a lot from it
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    A lot of seeds or just a few in each bud?
    Do you know it was herm for a fact? Maybe a random male accident.

    If it was a herm and it was full on herm from the start of flower it will have higher chance of herm offspring.

    A late nanner or two then grow on.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Its all good. You can find fire in bag and brick seed.

    1God777 Member

    Hell nah its going to cause everything else to get all seedy op don't listen to him boooo

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    What ever. Can you tell me the difference in seeds made with full on early herms and ones made with a few late nanners?

    1God777 Member

    Im joking when i said booo bro i was playing. But the early hermies look like this a lot of mine did .thats not a true hermie but you want the ones where its hidden an doesn't go hermie.this is a true hermie in the second pic either or that shit going to bust pollen on everything an make more seeds you cant pull of the sacks that randomly show in the bud its annoying .i came here because grasscity is full of hermie freaks that get pissed off if you try to teach people to grow sensimilla alot of my plants grew like the first picture I just killed the plant an bought real genetics. They can go hermie too but less likely than bagseed. Op you could buy k.c. brains full line up single seeds regular seed form unfeminized for less than 50$USD. An get like 40 different strains

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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    The one in the second pic looks like lat nanners and won't fill your bud with seed. Those late nanners tend to not be very viable.

    I wouldn't use then if it shows both sex from the beginning. If its a few nanners late flower it wouldn't bother me a bit to grow them.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    If they were from nanners or herm's, they will likely be all female. You can't get a y chromosome from just a female mom.

    I've grown goji og; it's a great strain. Potent, great yields, and not a picky eater. The only thing you need to watch for is she is a stretcher. Also, it's a long finisher. 10-11 weeks easy.

    Plant away. Just don't be too disappointed if you don't get a male. ;)

    1God777 Member

    A nanners a nanner its a pollen sack inside the bud only difference. Still pollinate everything around that doesn't have nanners already.

    1God777 Member

    I grew seeds from nanners before got alot of males

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Send me 2 ;) jk
    Because i just kissed my goji oj that i got when they where just testers at the time :(

    dankylarry Active Member

    isnt that way sour diesel always has small seeds? because its a late herm with a small harvest window before self polination ?

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