10k bulb, are they worth it?

worth it?

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Sire Killem All

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Have been thinking of grabbing 1 or 3 of these to finish last 2-3 weeks with. heard a lot about high resin production using 10k bulbs at end of cycle. just wondering if anyone uses them and had success or if failure
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They produce insane resin.
However most companies that sell the 10000k put too much red spectrum and it slows down ripening a bit.

Of the ones we tried, the plantmax 10000k was best and had proper peaks in red too not only promote some better yield, but also not slow down ripening.

Leaves were ate off and cannabinoids produced well in a timely fashion.

I would recommend using halide exclusively as I've said and in time more will finally listen, " high pressure sodium " is not for cannabis and produces big fat buds of immature THC laden crap.

Enjoy your grow, rev.the natural


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Never tried it personally but think it would be a waste of money. Why buy anything based on a companys unregulated claims which are often pseudo-science. Show me scientific evidence that it works.