10 years with spider mites and how I finally got rid of them.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by coldrain, May 9, 2014.

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    Right now I am looking into getting a nice distillation kit for when my tobacco and flowers come to fruition I will have alot more options for alchemy
    I recommend anyone who has a passion for botany and chemstry to get a proper distillation unit opens up many different option. Like making r own nutes and pesties
    Soaps, scented oils options are endless really
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    Des t work well with the gnats?
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    It seems to. Pretty safe and low toxic ingredients. Big Time Exterminator has a web site and have a 15% off coupon. I had to call them and got a quart shipped for $40. One of the few things you can spray til harvest that supposedly can kill russet mites. I think it is also good for PM too. Nice guys too.

    You still probably need yellow stickies for the flying gnats. It kills the ones in the soil but flying ones never give up. It requires just a tiny bot like 2 ml per gallon for your soil drench.

    I had also bought BotaniCare Maxx which is new and uses Pyrethian and spores. The newer mite sprays seem to use enzymes, spores and fungi like older Spinosad. The spores seem to creep me out a little so I have not used it yet. Big Time Exterminators yeast enzymes seemed a bit safer.

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    I don't have a big problem with em or anything I was going to try some hydrogen peroxide tonight
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    I used to get fungus gnats in a previous grow room and used Mosquito Bits to get rid of them. Nontoxic and effective. Also inexpensive and easy to find. Gnats can be a major problem in certain situations and I don't like them around. They can't do much to an established plant, but if you are maintaining moms and making clones with starter plugs made of organic material you had better watch out. Gnats will fly into the hole where the cutting is and crap out larvae that will eat the stems and any young roots that might already be there. Even with a humidity dome the little fuckers can get in there and do damage. They also fly into maturing buds and get stuck. I would zap them asap.

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    For real those little bastards like to die right on the top of the nicest of buds. Arrogant little fucks, it's like they pic a nice serene burial plot

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    Anyone tried sns?

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    Thank you = )

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    10 yrs with spider mites? I sure hope you weren’t smoking that. Let me guess you were the mighty wash guy. If you just found out how to get rid of mites I’m sure you have other problems also. Maybe I can help

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