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    pollen205 Well-Known Member

    Hy all

    I dont have a microscope so I cant see what is happening
    So please from the picture some advice when to cut her

    If I cut now how it will be , because the smell is just too strong and dont have a carbon filter...

    pollen205 Well-Known Member

    20180712_143734.jpg 20180712_143750.jpg

    top 2 cola

    pollen205 Well-Known Member


    lower side cola and to mee looks ready or couple of days

    pollen205 Well-Known Member

    From now every day is jail risk because of smell...
    So I come this far and really want some sleep and relaxation weed, how much I must wait before it reach what I want and how many days from full maturity..

    The buds are rock hard and really really full of trichomes but when I look the hole plant maybe 10% or 20 % max pistils are turn brown...80% white


    thank you very very much

    demonhaze Well-Known Member

    You have some time yet imo, probably at least 3 weeks imo. If you want a relaxation buzz you need to let it mature
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    demonhaze Well-Known Member

    The smell will most likely get stronger too
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Those are not very close at all... like the other guy says, about 3 weeks minimum. You really dont want to smoke those buds it would be aweful... like eating green raspberries.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    I'm not trying to be mean here... but how do SO MANY people in illegal areas start a grow with no carbon filter? It's honestly blows my mind. It's not just the OP, it's a lot of people.
    The smell it likely even worse than you think it is, because your nose has gotten used to it.

    fridayfishfry Well-Known Member

    I have chopped for less important reasons. I see some orange hairs which is another indicator of ripeness along with trich color. I would chop if your risking being discovered because of smell. keep in mind drying will smell too and trying to hide it without a carbon filter it might give you mold if you keep it all too tight. drying does usually smell less than a grow.

    pollen205 Well-Known Member

    fuck fuck fuckkkkkk
    leather lungs

    leather lungs Well-Known Member

    Get a couple of air wick air fresheners to mask the aroma
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    Bigjim34 Member

    If your growing in a tent there are things you can try to help reduce the smell. It won't take it all away but go to your local home store and get some of the active carbon filters for like a furnace and cover your holes with that and inside the tent, you can get things to help absorb the smell also. Baking soda in cups in the free space or other smell absorbent material. Google a bit to find what works best. Like I said won't get rid of all but can help reduce the smell
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Not even close, get a carbon filter or don't grow. Pulling that plant now would be a waste and probably wouldn't even catch a buzz. It has 3-4 weeks to go.
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    Thegermling Well-Known Member

    Hopefully you have a med card so you wont go to jail (I do).
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if you get a carbon filter, don't cheap out, the cheap ones are cheap for a reason.
    phresh, can, vivosun, i-power make decent stuff. phresh is the best in my opinion.
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    pollen205 Well-Known Member

    Just order can 300 m3h so if come in 2 day I continue till the end, but if not, what then
    I dont want really eat green raspberries so ,can I make a ice hash from a whole plant ...will it work at thyis trichomes stage

    What do you think does any of my trichomes turn amber at this stage ... and what do you think at this stage what is % of clear and cloudy on this plant

    really really hope that filter will come tommorow

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    I don't use carbon filters, i like the smell of my weed
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    it's very hard to say, different strains mature at different rates, and different phenos within strains will have further variations.
    you need to get a jewelers loupe, one with a 60 and a 100 times lens. you can find them all over amazon for less than ten bucks. just order one from an American seller or your plants will be a memory by the time you get one from china
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    Overgrowthegov Well-Known Member

    In the old days we would put bounce sheets in the exhaust hose of your vent fan. Then it just smells like laundry. And if you can't get a carbon filter it works ok.

    If you got time you can use a little carboard box and insert it in the exhaust line. Cover each port with a wire mesh so the sheets don't get blown out of the box.

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