1 finger leaves and cotyledons turning yellow early

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    Hello. I have started my first grow couple weeks ago and most of the plants are at 4th set of leaves at the time. I have a problem 8/9 of plants have yellow cotyledons and some of the plants have their single finger leaves turning yellow and drooping with little yellow spots in them, I know cotyledons and single fingers sometimes turn yellow and fall off but this early? I think it could be nitrogen deficiency as I started them in seedling soil which is pretty neutral stuff, I don't know specs as I got rid of the bag. Problems started coming as I transplanted them in 10L containers 4 days ago which now has pretty hot soil in it. Could it be that my seedlings have used all nutes from the seed and what probably was in seedling soil, and they don't get nutes yet from new soil? Also 1 strange thing is that one of the plants has formed taco like leaves even though they all are at same height, any ideas about that too?
    Any help would be very appreciated. Let me know if you misunderstood something so I can try to explain it as English isn't my first language.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words in any language!

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    Can't diagnose the problem if we can't see it.
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    pics would be very helpful. here's a little info that may help you figure things out. weed is called a "dicot" plant, the first set of "leaves" are cotyledon leaves, that are like the yolk of an egg. they carry enough nutrients for the plant to get a set of roots established and feed itself. when those leaves start to turn yellow, it's time to start feeding lightly. if you transplanted them into hot soil, they can over eat very easily, and burn themselves. so without pics, i'd say it comes down to two opposite things, they're either hungry, and need to be fed, or they were hungry, and overate.
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    Sounds like a PH problem but with out pics it’s hard to tell

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    Make a 24-hour compost tea and innoculate your soil.

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    So let's keep it simple. You just transplanted into new soil. The new soil should have sufficient fertilize in it. This being said your plants will only need water until they have used most of the nutrients in the soil. It is very common to over water your new plants. Plants should be watered when they need water. Meaning when they began to become dry, not completely dry. Hope this helps.
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