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  • I don't think they will, to be honest. I have a few panels similar to that around the house for plants I brought in for the winter (regular houseplants), and they seem to be doing alright so far, but our cannabis plants require so much light compared to some other plants. To get the quality of buds we all have come to expect, you're going to need a more powerful light as your main light. You could prob still use these as side lighting or something, but I'm not sure how much help they will actually be. The diodes just aren't strong enough. We have come to expect 3w diodes or better from an LED panel used as the main source of lighting.
    I have 10 "Brainstorm" seeds coming from overseas. My plan is to eventually grow 20. I have the grow room set up, nice & tucked away. I have the nutrients & environment taken care of. I just can't find any significant information on LED's. I would really appreciate if you have any links to share. Thank You.

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