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  • yo tex, lets chat and catch up. I'm in las vegas 4 years now. really hope your well. peace
    Where you at? Tell me your making a fortune as a master grower? there is a shitload of opp. for you here in vegas. hope all is well
    aint here to often. hope your well. me and honey have moved to las vegas. there beginning to open dispensarys soon. ton of opportunity. we should talk. email and phone are the same. PEACE
    what up? been busy flipping houses,still w/ the honey in slc. hope things are well w/ you
    I've been listening & taking notes from Master Organic Gardeners for over 20 years. They will tell you that the first thing when you use an organic program is to take that PH tester & all that NPK shit, and toss it away. For millions of years, Mother Nature has balanced out the soil. All that PH shit started with that Chemical Shit. After WW 2, the Military had all that fucking gun powder left over, they started using it for fertilize, not caring if the shit killed the microbial life in the soil, they still don't care. Anyway, that when the NPK shit begin, which is only 3 of 1,000 different things a plant needs, and the Chems fucked the PH up. Study all there is on, and the experts will open your eyes for you, as they did me. And yes, the microbes, earthworms, fungi & bacteria, working in unisons will balance out your soil. Good Question.
    Saw a post you made and was wondering how correct it was? And if factual, where did you get your info? Not calling you a liar just wanting to explain myself to a friend. So the question is, when having beneficial bacteria in your organic soil do you not need to ph the water? Basically microbes in your soil will balance the ph, correct?
    Hey dude thanx 4 all ur advice! U know that your 1 of tha only people that doesn't answer threads with off topic questions?! Thanx again
    what part of northside??? I stay kinda by Northline commerece(northline mall) lol... closer to Sam Houston Highschool
    U kno where i can get sum seeds or clones?? i dont really trsut ordering online
    Well i want to grow indoors(empty room i have)... I have a 600watt HPS light... and i want to grow CannaCoco i heard its really good.
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