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  • Hey what's up ss420? Wow haven't been on in a while and i see you haven't either but i was just saying speaking.
    Love the Super Cropping and FIMing help. Have White Widow and Medi Bud growing now 28 days under the lights and just super cropped a few today. Growing Hydro with the Ebb and Flow, my question is how often do you change the resivor and do you feed with plain water before going with a new resivour. I rinsed for two days last time and my girls seems to like it. Changing the resivour every 7 to 10 days. The Widows are very short and bushy, 2 -1000 watt vented lights about 15 inches over plants, raised lights today to get some stretch ? is this correct , let me know. thanks.
    aye yo, providing you still have the dina fem, you might wanna grow her out. was super easy, and damn good smoke. yield was decent for a auto, 38g's.

    i was like, damn, might actually buy some next time!
    You may as well come back from the dark side and start posting again, we're going to bug the hell out of you until you do. Lol, jk.

    Drop in bro and help us noobs out. We need your insight. S

    Haven't heard from you in a while. Tried to call but got a girls voice mail. Thing have been different here. I am leaving my current grow op . My friend and I are starting our own. My current poartners don't have a clue as what they are doing and they are tring to rip me off.
    i sorta dropped off the internet game... just dont have much time to sit and do stuff.. working a lot.. opening my own shop... girlfriend moved in.. life in general keeps me busy... shoot me a pm sometime and ill throw you my number.. you can call me whenever you got ?s...
    Hi pal what is the best thing to help budz fill out or to fatten them up a bit??
    Hey bud, I sent you a couple of PM's but haven't heard back from you. Hope all is well, thanks for all the fantastic info you have sharred with us all! S
    try feeding 4 times a day for about 15 minutes a time to start... cut back as needed... in flowering feed 4 or 5 times with lights on and 1 time with lights off..
    Hi pal i am using a iws flood and drain system just wondering if you could tell me your recomendations for how often to feed through vegging and what changes to make when flowering thanks in advance...
    All the best
    Just wanted to say you have a lot of good information up. Thanks. We just started a hydroponic set up and are 3 days into it. We started from clones and so far, so good. Maybe I'll post a pic later so you can check it out and give us your opinion. Thanks again for all your good advice!
    i flood 3 or 4 times a day in veg.. and 5 times during lights on, 1 time during lights off, during flowering.... it will take some adjusting... but once you find a sweet spot you'll be good.. ya, go ahead and move the clones over.. i hope this answers your question.. and u not bothering me at all...
    Thanks for the idea. I can't think of a better option at this point. There will be pics of the setup very soon and will send you a link to check it out. I have one last question for you, how often do you fill? and do you fill at night or just during their daytime? I hope it is OK to take some rooted clones, in rockwool, and move them into the hydroton. I see people adjusting their fill/drain schedules all the time but I don't feel its necessary especially when you have 2 reservoirs, one for veg and one for flowering. Please let me know your thoughts and after this I wont bother you anymore. Thanks for the help in advance ;)
    as long as the light leaks are minor it should cause any real issues... the easiest way to take care of that is to get, lets say 1" pvc pipe, stick 1 piece horizontally through the wall.. maybe about 12" long... then put 90 degree elbows on each end and add a 4 or 5" cut piece vertically to both ends... this will allow air exchange through both sides (at least so if the flower room is shut off it will allow air to be pulled in through the pvc.. it wont be blown into it) and keep all light leaks from happening.. but again.. if they are just minor leaks no worries.. and thank you as well for the comments!
    Just looked over a lot of your threads and really appreciate you sharing all the information. A friend of mine has a similar setup, almost the same, and it seems to be working well for him. The only issue he has is some very minor light leak coming through 2 small fans used for exchanging air between the rooms. With your experience, do you think that is an issue? The fans are very small and the minor amount of light doesn't fall on the plants. You think it will stunt growth? or cause some hermies? or wont do anything? People say 100% darkness, which I understand, but I know a few people who have nice results with some minor light leak. Appreciate your help and thanks again for the useful information.
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