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  • Your freind sandmonkey is no friend of mine and I will not associate with any who befreind an Anti Amercain.
    Happy grows
    Hey whats up yeah I heard it from everyone last night when I got So whats up? talk to me
    that shit be hotttt on mama. well she from down near the equator so she is used to kinda hot conditions. got me a special seed. which is now a few veg. clones
    Walmart also has the 100watt 150 watt and 200 watt lights in the lighting section ;)

    I think the 200 is $20
    Hey man i saw that you were asking bluey about CFL's and just wanted to let you know that you can get 85watt cfl at HomeDepot for like $15 bucks you can find them by the outdoor lighting,(flood lights and patio lights) they are not near the other light bulbs. They got 100w for like $18 I think not sure never got 100w,too much heat
    word, thats straight man. ill be on later 2night too to try and the last of that 2x xp mp this wkeend. you exotic
    from baltimore right up the street I didnt know that was you sending me an invite next time ill get you in.. i had 6 people wit me and that was the max
    im from north carolina. where u from? ok ill hit u up tonight at about 8:30 est. im smokecamels27 go ahead and add me up
    hey wuts up! i knew there would be some some cod5 peeps on here.. I love this site im addicted to this site..hit me up on cod5 aj21226. where you from?
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