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  • Hello sandiegojack2 i was told to find you on here by my friend warriorbuds to maybe help me out here and there look forward to hearing from you
    How u been I got 1000Watt now just won my disability so waiting on my bk pay to get seeds and stuff how uu been guy
    Hey Jack..did you get any messages back from me? I sent/replied to you with one pretty long one then another asking if you got it b/c I don't see ANY in my SENT box...ugh
    thank you sooo much..I am home taking care of my wife of 40 year's it's a sad time and difficult but I am happy to still have her..I have never been with any other woman as I knew from the first she was my mate! Growing is one of my only pleasure's and take's my mind away for a short time! (i have camera's so wher ever I am I see her allway's sleeping or awake..I've been growing 50 year's but mostly outside in california now in mass..and indoor's! There are good people on here (As well as some jerk's) and you are certainly one of the few good people! If I can ever be of assistance you only need ask...jack
    Thank you so much for being my friend. I am old too, and I think that in most cases that's a prerequisite for being a good grower...not that I don't occasionally kill a plant or two..LOL You seem like a great person and you have some beautiful plants!
    are you talking about the nute?Im only trying this cause another guy I know swears by it...Im gonna use this other stuff for my buds when the time comes..I just hope this blue mystic is ok for the high,,,I have some kind of Diesel plants 2 of them saved the seed from 1 bud gonna study up alittle on it...fill me in Jack on what your talking bout please
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