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  • me again i am goin to start a new grow room in a cupboard i was goin to use reflective sheetin on the walls and i have no room for a proper grow light but would a fluorescent light with a reflecter on would that work??????
    sorry mate me again im in week 4 of flowering ak47 they r a good height but not many buds am i just rushin it???? thanks mate
    alright mate i could trouble u and asl if u no wot internet site would be best to get 100 per cent fem cheese seeds as doin ak47 at min but wanna try the cheese
    I use Schuman resonance or earth frequencies quite often, to charge my water. Water is quite flexable. or programable Have you ever heard of radionics or raw life force energy? I have a life force generator that seems to produce an effect on plant growth. You can mix within a set frequency a charestic or trait you would like the plant to have.
    Whats goin on Rusty Crunch
    How has your research been goin with your electric gardening?
    Have you ever heard of applying specific frequencies to not just keep bugs away and increase plant growth but alter the characteristics of a specific?

    I am in the process designing a grow system that would have the ability to say alter or inhance the the properties of a plant mainly threw frequencies.

    Let me know, dude.

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