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  • Hey quick question, I have a plant that is in the flowering stage. The white hairs are everywhere and I heard you remove those is that true? bongsmilie
    thanks for joining the group, what kind of light you grow that durban poison with? how much did that bud in you rpicture weight dried out? it looks killer
    im looking for some advise on my plants, im growing with cfl lights in a walk in closet with a humidifier and electric heater....this is my first time and i realize this set up wont just work forever. my plants are only 3 inches, i just started and im new to this but on a very limited budget. is this an ok set up for the time being i meen im not killing them right.
    nice album in pic 9 (where I'm at now) were you trying to make a vine? My friend did that once, used large hole chicken wire and multispectrum flouro's, along the edge of a table. worked great.
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