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  • I have around 95% germ rate w seeds but 1st pack of rd was scotts og. 6 seeds were tiny white & guess which 6
    didnt pop. Yep the lil white ones, n yes i marked cubes. Emailed website n got a smartass reply "weve sold hundreds of scotts og packs with no problems at all" , like i was lying? Of the other seeds 2 were fml one was avg other fire. Is this normal customer service b4 i buy another pack of rd?
    Just got some rare dankness gear gonna run your moonshine haze soon thanks for your hard work on these genetics!
    Will be attending the cannabis cup in Denver next year was wanting to know if u guys are gonna have a booth there and have seeds avail. Thanx.... happy farming
    just haven't seen you around lately mrs r.d, so thought i'd stop by and say hey, so hey.. :D

    hope all is well with you and yours.. :D
    Mile high here.. Currently running leeroy, and commerce city kush. The rugburn unfortanetly didn't make it. I am looking for a very high cbd strain. Do yall have and/or can you recommend a strain that is high in cbd with very little thc? Only want it for the flower, not to make hash or anything. Thanks :)
    Hey mate what seeds of yours would ya recommend to grow in the southern hemisphere? Looking for a reasonable yield with a strong mind body stone don't mind on flower time am patien:). Have been looking at your strains and reviews and look awesome :)

    cheers mam get back to me
    Hi Mrs. RD! I'm a Co. MMJ carholder and patient. I have just been contacted by a dispensary that has my order of Moonshine Haze ready. I am really excited to grow them and just wanted to say I chose RD and the MH strain in large part because of the feedback on theese forums and especially your information and input. Thanks for putting in the time and effort!
    Hey Mrs Rare... Was wondering about the SoCal cat piss u used in the PMP cross... is that the only cross you used the Cat Piss in?? would love to get somethin that really brings that strain out... any info would be greatly appreciated... also i heard it was quite a hard plant to grow any truth there... thanks for ur time

    Happy Farming
    I sent you a PM, can you not respond?

    edit: Oh I found it, your profile was restored as a new member, who can't use PM until they post 5 times. It should be fixed now.

    Hello Mrs Rare Dankness. I understand that you are a rep for rare dankness but I recenty had an issue with RD genetics sending me(just a few) white, premature beans in my rugburn OG. Is there anything I can do or anyone to contact in order to replace these four, nine dollar seeds?
    Hi Mrs. Rare,
    I am also from the southern US and have a passion for growing. However I am not willing to risk jail in trade for growing my meds. I have gave some thought to moving to CO. I would like to have safe access to my meds and the option to grow them. I am worried that CO laws might change especially if Mitt wins election. Would hate to move for nothing. In your opinion as someone from the south, what do you think about moving to CO?
    Hey miss rare dankness =) hope you doin good..
    can u tell me which strain of yours is the best yielding with a flower time of max. 10 weeks? I'm very interested in the colorado diesel and cougar piss.they look such nice .from all the jungle of seedbanks i have 2 favourites.and i think rare dankness is capable of gettin into my top3,the only thing i miss on your homepage is that the thc level and flowertime of the strains are not given..but whatever.your strains are hoottt =)
    Hey brother. I'm a private breeder in CO and looking to join a collective. I've been breeding for many years. I was in the process of opening my own Co., but I got caught up in another business. I still breed and my seeds have made there way to Cali with great reviews. I also breed and consult for MMC's here in CO. I can send you a list of crosses I am working on and samples of the crosses, which are almost ready for harvest, if you have an interest. I'm only 40 minutes south of Denver, if you would like to meet and chat at my house. This way, you could see the plants for yourself. I think it is better to have a massive collective rather than a few guys battling each other. Let me know..
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