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    Pandemic 2020

    If you're straight up white trash, then all the white trash flags, aren't flags. It just looks normal. Some people don't find all caps punctuation-less chainmails about the government coming for your guns as being very funny, but of course...some of us do. PS FORWARD THIS TO AT LEEST TWENNY...
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    Pandemic 2020

    You just gotta get creative...
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    Pandemic 2020

    So you're trying to convey what you think is an intellectually superior position, but have somehow missed the irony of trying to make the men here feel feminine/gay by creating a negative connotation to the female gender, which if you're a man and are using "women" as a pejorative, would imply...
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    Fair for all black people in the USA to be held responsible / pay reparations for violent acts of some black people?ople against Asians ?

    You're conflating different issues. Living in poor black areas and witnessing a shit ton of black crime isn't a validation of racism, it's just witnessing the result of it. If you want to talk shit about idiots like white kids eating avocado toast, maybe add, white people contributing to a...
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    Happy thread :)

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    January 6th, 2021

    Wow, stabbed a cop in the face with a small flagpole, of course among other charges. Dude better be sentenced to at least a few years,
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    Interesting Soviet perspective on the destabilization of the USA

    Sure, some may call it third grade trolling, but russians/sympathizers call it 4d chess.
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    Will You Take The Vaccine?

    Lotta problems/complaints we see boil back to cliche 'murican narcissism.
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    Pandemic 2020

    Why is it that you complained that people weren't discussing the issue, so the guy posts about the issue, and this is your reply? He also posted some info about Levothyroxine and you didn't even reply to it, but you keep replying to the name calling posts while simultaneously complaining about...
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    Pandemic 2020

    Post support for the gene therapy part please. Gene therapy either replaces or removes and unwanted gene. Please show something that says that's what mrna's do.
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    Pandemic 2020

    You could have omitted the first sentence, because it was already implied from the rest of your q-tweeker nonsense.
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Seems like he just found Frisky Dingo.
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    Pandemic 2020

    You posted a link to a site that looked obviously trashy and chose to put that one forward, implying an odd selection to choose as the winner of your "research". Just looking around the site, it has that pandering-inflammatory-all-caps-hey-look-at-me thing going on with its articles. I don't...
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    Tesla New Model Unveil...

    I hear ya. I worry about the tech in a different way, in that, some new groundbreaking tech that lets us use all we want fuels a growth that leads us to the exact same place, except with a lot more people and a much bigger cliff when the new tech after that doesn't come. If limiting usage and...
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    Is Trump starting a war with China to troll Biden?

    Maybe it did. Probably even. Don't really care. You can't tell me there aren't US taxpayer moneys going to some secret lab testing gnarly viruses that serve no humanitarian purpose.