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  • But my big bud is the litre bottle which NPK is 0-1-3 i believe they do a 0-1-4 so instructions may be different if you have the 0-1-4 version
    Does it not say on the bottle? i followed my bottles instructions which is basically
    Put 2ml's in per L of water use from the start of week 2 to the end of week 3
    If you use it any longer it causes nute burn as i learnt :(

    It's just a starter remember it puts in all amino acid's that most budding additives don't this helps your plant's to withheld theirself in more heat and you're plant will make better use of all nutes used throughout the whole of it's budding stage.

    There secret ingredient they talk about is the amino acid's
    Sound's like sod's luck, my timer is the brand plug and grow, it's 15minute intervals and an amazingly good timer and i have had no fault's with it, it's £15 so if you can spare that it's worthwhile and you're not going to need a new timer anytime soon
    Oh dear, well keep using it and if it doesn't turn off itself again you can just turn it off and hopefully get some new equipment
    How's 12/12 going for you mate, electrics a bit better isn't it lol.
    Dam expensive HPS's!...
    You should see buds starting to grow on the 14 day maybe a couple of day's earlier, are you going to start using big bud at the start of the second week? that's the only additive that puts needed amino acid's in you're plants btw.
    It's up but check it in 10 minutes if your gunna be up then, thread messed up a bit will be better i just have to edit it. what you doing up this time i'm quiet high and drunk :) some catch up on big bang theory
    Get a PH pen got mine off ebay from hong kong or china one of them like 3 pound much better than a ph test kit and get a 420 scope so you know when they are done properly
    If the nodes are alternating then that means they will be easier to get into flower as they are ready i'll post a pic explaining alternating nodes on your journal you sent me so you know what to look out for
    check humidity after lights have been on for about 3 hours mine starts at about 79% humidity since flush but i opened the tent for half hour and it lowered the temperature to a good 28degrees and 39-40% humidity.
    I have been told by people they have flowered at 85% humidity which is a hell of a lot even for vegging and they were fine but the more humidity over 40% the more chance of getting bud mold so make sure you keep a good air flow in there (window open or whatever) it doesn't matter if it's only a little window just make sure there is some kind of air flow and i can't remember if you have a fan in there but if you don't get one in there, get it to blow the plant's to strengthen their roots while if you can hang it upside down like mine get it to blow the plant's while blowing just under the light so it lowers temperature too you might even be able to lower the HPS to get more lumens but check the canopy temperature and the temperature of the light of the plant's highest leaves.
    You tried to message me twice mate but my inbox was full, send the messages through again mate
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