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  • I hope thats not your real address. It's a good way to get unwelcome visitors. I'm also from Michigan and grow MM for my husband to use. Makes me paranoid and it won't let me sleep but I love the plants like their my children.
    Also if the tricomes look done on a branch or two just harvest them but don't take to many or the plant can go into shock. Also please the day b4 you cut from or harvest it Please get real close to the plant possibly holding it's trunk and thank it for giving you it's helpful flowers. It will give you a of boost in THC production. I know it sounds crazy but it works. I did this with 2 diff crops of the same plant and I didn't tell the husband and he said the second was better then the first where they should of been the same. I haven't bought seeds in a long time I just clone them all and their alway's female. Only once have I had one morph into a male/female herby.
    yo dude
    Got a few questions for you.
    I have got 3 bagseed seeds planted today. What soil is best to use for veg time? like fine or potting soil ext? and what soil to use for flowering? and anything to add with the soil. Can I use the fish in my 3gal flowering soil mix to help my plant wen flowering? will the fish stink? i have 3 20w cfls and one 400w hps. should I use the cfl`s for veg and the Hps for flowering? coz someone told me that hps starches yore node space and I dont want that! I am a 100% organic grower so any organic fertilizer that works well I would like to hear about! hope you can help:hump:
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