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  • Yo bro...It ended up being some good Buds...I just got online again for the first time since i harvested that White Widow...I got a Quarter Pound plus a half ounce and good quality..Im back online because Im workin on an indoor plant now...Im not sure what to use for veg and flowering...Either MH or HPS
    yo whats up buddy!! hey can you do me a favor and check these out and let me know your thoughts on it.. , its the plant i was planning on keeping for a mother but not sure if this is preflower or just a mature plant? heard both from others people so not really sure. it came along with a 3 pack of sweet seeds from attitude and 2 of them were specified autos but this one was not so thats why i dont think it is. thanks a bunch!!
    All I can say is you got one happy plant your going to get a closet of bud super croping and pruning, I do the same thing but with 12 buckets but pratice the same thing for a SOG.

    looking great my friend
    Your stuff/grow looks good...nice and lush looks like the are happy with there condation....good growing bro!
    Excellent! That explaination helps like you wouldn't believe. I'm still fairly new to the game, but not a first timer. I have even read the supercropping and topping/FIM technique section of the Bible over and over but never really understood how it was affecting my girls til now. Knowing how to do it and what it's doing are obviously totally different things. Well done, sir.
    :-oThanks for the friend request, and especially the offer for help.
    def gonna need it (and prob could have used it in recent months lol).

    Oh.. actually, you could answer somethin for me already (didn't take long lol). Iv been hesitant to top more than once or super crop, because I'm dealing w 5 week time frame for veg, and thought they wouldn't be ready to flower by then. Is there a schedule or something you go by for each topping? Or is it more or less a matter of how each strain handles being topped dif times?
    Just got some tiger bloom and cal-max does anybody know what type of dose of tiger bloom I should start off with. I have never used tiger bloom and dont want to burn my plants or raise my PH to much.
    so i just bought the promix and ordered the BMO nutes off ebay i'm going to start my grow next week and hopefully start this constant clone harvest clone harvest as soon as possible
    thanks for the info im glad i found this site especially when i get to the point where i need to trouble shoot a problem, deff coming to you for the LSD advice.
    Sounds good to me:) I'll do it all. Whatever it takes to get the BIG BUDS! I need to produce pounds with these plants!!!!!
    The thing about the clones I've read that also, but thats when you clone clones! Thats when the quality disapears. All the big growers clone, thats why they keep mother plants! So there not lossing quality but gaining quanity at the same time.
    That's why I need bigger plants, for clones:) oh yeah
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