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  • Thanks for your reply to my question. I decided not to take any chances, so I started my clones under flourescent light. I didn't do too bad, 5 of my 7 clones were successful.

    I asked a question over 4 hours ago on my latest post, but still haven't got a reply. I'm hoping you can help me out. If you click outdoor growing and go to page 2, you will find my post: Force Flowering Outdoor Plants. It would be much easier for me if you could do that rather than having to explain things all over again. Thanks again, dude. Peace Out!

    No need to answer my question anymore, the mystery has been solved. Thanks again for your help.
    You asked for a message, so here goes, man. I'm growing my first crop and I'm about to cut my first clone, so I want to be sure that I'm doing everything that I can to have a favorable outcome. I've heard that puting clones in darkness for 12 to 24 hours right after cutting them will increase my odds of being successful. Is this true? Hope to hear from you soon. Peace out!
    Thanks for the rep, that blue og is a frsoty little lady, should be done in about 3 weeks ill let ya know how she is ..
    This Dude's hilarious. Go shit talk somewhere else. Yeah I have kids. And I'm the Idiot. Why I have have over 8400 reputation points. Just here for the Love of Gardening.
    Maybe if you have even a little bit of intelligence you might be able to figure out how to post a message on my visitor wall? I hope you don't have children. We don't need any more idiots running around this world. It's bad enough your around.
    quit spamming all the gsc threads with your irrelevent bagseed bullshit. nobody cares!
    Thank you been hear for many growing years many strains but i apreciate any critisism thank you big dog!!!!
    Hey bruddah, thank you for the rep and kind words in TGA by Others! I got to take a look at your new thread..girls are lookin great!! Keep up the good work!
    not jack i was just downstairs about to transplant some babies but turns out i dont have any damn trays haha so must wait until tomorrow. thanks for hittin my post up
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