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  • and about the soil, fox farm is only 17 bucks and it already has peralite and trace nutrients from the earth and the ocean. its good shit yo. Fox Farm Ocean Forest. but like i said, if you want ur clones soon, then let me know if u have the money and i will plug u in to My 5 Points, and if u use me as a referal, i get a free gram. and we could just cheif on that together. imma send you a private message with my phone number so u can text me. peace and love.
    Ya, im way out in temec and almost never go to hemet anymore. i wouldnt be able to water for ya, but my clones wont be ready for a few weeks, if your looking to get em thru 5 points you can go st8 to him after registering on the website. donation for him is 15 a clone. he also delivers. thru me, mine wouldnt be ready for a few weeks. by then it would be to late to put clones outside if they are still small. they will grow to fast and bud to fast and wont be able to carry the weight. but u could tie the to a stake for structure, put the main stem would be thin and week so buds wouldnt be as potent. if put outside at a good size within a week or so, u would be ok. let me know if you have the money for clones thru this guy if you wanted them ASAP. and i will plug u in.
    Seeds are just as expensive as clones if ordered
    and with clones, u know your getting a Female.
    We could even work something out to where i can just donate the clones to you from my garden.
    Or i could refer you to the president of our Collective and you could get clones from him.(top notch clones this guy) all my plants are his clones. he does amazing work.
    Think about it all, figure out how, when, where, and how much you want to grow and write me back. Peace and love.
    cool, thanks for that. How many plants did you want to grow outdoors? did you want to start from seedlings? or clones? For outdoor, i doesnt cost much at all.
    A few pots(a buck or so a piece),
    good soil(FOX FARM OCEAN FOREST) $18
    "your plants(clones-10-15 dollar donation per clone usually), or seeds(u can order them or use your own bag seeds u find)"
    then nutrients for when the soil runs out of em, usually about a 40 days after planting.

    and thats it money wise. Other than that, there are just growing teqniques and knowledge to be learned as you go. and if you really are NEW to this, then i can help you with that stuff along the way.
    But ya, how many plants were you looking to grow, and did you want to start from seeds or clones.
    I gotta see proof that your a patient before anything. Either send me a picture of your Recomendation or your Patient ID number with a verification phone number. Gotta cover my ass, sorry.
    I grew up in hemet. So glad to be outta there. Pleasure to meet you Robin. Name is Ryan. So your doin out door eh? Outdoor is a wonderful high. I prefer an outdoor high over indoor any day. its always cleaner. I will be having clones pretty soon if your interested or you can obtain them from this group collective im a part of, the clones are top notch from this guy. every one of my plants in my pics are his clones. A few differnt strains too. Get FOX FARM sol and plant your babbies in a 1 gallon pot and transplant as they get bigger. never str8 to a large pot, the roots wont get sructured well. You can get the soil at a newer shop that my friend goes to in hemet, i will find out the name, but its only 15 bucks for the big bag. Any questions shoot me a line. And if your interested in joining an awsome group collective, let me know too. Peace and love Robin.
    my best advice would be to start them indoors, and let them get a good root system started. then i would slowly get them used to the real sunliight a little bit at a time, over about the course of one to two weeks. then plant them outside. hope that helps a bit, but i think they have a section on the forum page for outside growers.

    Hey bro I don't know if I can help you much I'm not that experienced. I've learned alot though from reading up on peoples grow guides on RollItUp. Ask if you still need help, and i'll do my best to inform you.
    ontario, I haven't yet dealt with clones, but make sure you get females clones cuz once ya do you don't have to worry about males which = lots of weed or $$.

    with cali you know what you are getting due to bud shops.
    Well where I am from we never know what kind of buds we get.

    Where are you from? you can either buy clones which is the better idea, or seeds, with seeds you need to germinate them once the tail shows stick them in little pods then when the plant seems to big for the pods plant them in then ground.

    Also this will be my first attempt but i want to go buy some clones and put them in big pots with soil and fertalizer and try to grow them outside. Just plant them and water? Or is there more to it?
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