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  • hey gladstoned! need your advice. you seem to be very knowledgeable in different strains and all! what strain is good for smoking and getting energized? any? you know-smoke-clean house! is yhere such a thing?
    just called you again. no answer. is that because you aren't there or do not want to talk to me? very worried about both of you! love
    hey gladstoned! i tried to leave you a message but left it to myself!!! lol know who this is? jo mama! so belle was in the hospital again? sorry. so she is doing clones-what kind do you guyshave? we'll need some around 3rd if that's possible!!! take care
    l love the clones two are doing great the other is soso lol where can i goto look at plant to crop so i know i'm soing right ?
    Hi,I have read numerous posts and comments by you and you seem like a stand-up guy.I also am from the U.P. west of Marquette.I would like to get to know you as good growers are far and few up here.I been growing awhile and do have my card.I want to know what you think of trading some clones and or seeds in the future.I have relatives in Glad. and Esc. that i vist every so often,lived in Esky for a few years,nice there! If your up to meeting some time I'll give u my phone #.Feel free to ask me some questions and go frome there...Take Care Larry
    hey bro this is Vern from Traverse with the SLH. My phone took a crap and I lost your number. My number is still the same just a new phone. send me a text or a call so I can get you back in my phone book. :)
    yo man jus sayn whaddup 2 the UP what what hahaha, i live under the bridge now but i spent time up there when i was younger, the people are good people up that way
    This is Michigan Collective new handle they stopped our other account stating we were advertising. Understandable of course. But we thank you for the new member who came because of your recommendation.
    No sir I was tryin to show the differences between scott and joe.

    If you stop in to the bayshore bait shop in kipling please tell Naome and Connie, and Bob an old friend wishes them well..
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