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  • Hey, I stumbled upon an old thread of yours mentioning you were planning on ordering a tent from Did you ever end up doing this? I ask becuase I just did and am a bit worried that the box will be blatant and not too stealthy! Any experience?
    I understand fam no prob just tryin to find some lyk minded people that luv Mary Jane
    lyk me n i saw u were in tha south so i hit u up.But if u don't mind i would lyk to add u to my friends list so tht i might be able to pic ya brain at a later date whn i finally get all tha pieces of my gro together?
    I'd rather keep that a secert homie, let's just say I am familar with the 318 area code. If you haven't heard of the big dirty then I guess you will never know. :)

    welcome to riu, good luck with your grows.
    Hi im new hear n i see you are from tha south i am to but i live in Lasvegas at tha moment, but im from Louisiana wht about u.
    Whea in tha south are u from
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