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  • im new 2 this web site and im not 2good on computers but i have moved from tampa 2 tn and so i have 2 do indoor. its allot harder and im having problems telling whats male and female i can tell that 2of them definetly are laddies but the others i cant tell yet they have there 2hairs but i cant tell if its the start of a seed or if it is a small leaf they have been on a 12 hr on 12 hr off for 10 weeks know i changed 2 18 hrs of dark and six of light this is my second grow this winter i had to trash my first one cuz i had 70% males and this is my first time growing inside in such a confined area and the males are gonna give the females seeds if i cant determine who is who i dont want to put all this time and effort and end up with a bunch of seedy crap can anyone help me out on the specifications of determining the sex
    LOL, where are you from? Well seeing as i live in a big city the bud isn't bad at all, it's the contact, but once you have that then i guess you start meeting an array of people. I think the major point here is getting what you actually are asking for, hence i've had to do research to make sure im not getting sold something else when i ask for something specific. I want to make it up to Canada & Amsterdam sooner or later. What do you grow?
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