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  • Very interesting!..and a little intimidating right now:eyesmoke:. Had to put on a 2nd thinking cap.My ignorance was shining thru the 1st.
    Nevertheless,I'm hooked.
    I'm always looking for ways in which I can make the connection between the spirit,the science,and the self.(my holy trinity;-))
    In my lack of participation on this forum,it would seem as if I've deprived myself of like-minded souls. Aaahhh well...I'm known for my tardiness.(my wife says i'll be late for my own funeral).
    Once again,I can't thank ya enough Eye(and Doer as well).
    I hope to be contributing soon! (without lowering the bar)
    That is IT. I just finished reading Bagger Vance, Steven Pressfield. It you have ever picked up a golf club or even watched it on TV, this is an interesting book. But, nothing really, like the movie. More like Spiritual sci-fi. :) It is an allegory of the Bhagavad Gita in a golf match, instead of the Chariots arranged for War.

    All is Self and Self is Knower of the Field. Nothing passive about this idea, at all. We don't let it happen, we make it happen. :)
    Co-creation? With what? What else is there besides the endless hiding in the complexity of theology; and resultant conjecture of "other," higher," "we are not worthy" guilt/remorse/power?

    Is there Other Higher Outside? I don't see it. I perceive it differently. The -other higher- is inside, My Conception. The limits of Self we know not. Thus the broad hint, we see in all Scripture, the jewel in the crown, the diamond in the rough, the admonition and encouragement.

    Know Self.

    Can you imagine Self without Identity not subject but object? Are you in the play, watching the play, or creating the play? Who are You? Are you even a you ....a human with Soul? Or alternately, Soul incorporated in physicality? A Spirit being in a Human existence? Only Self has those answers, yes? :)
    eye exaggerate, said...do you think that avatars come in the form of the teaching they represent / correct? (sorry, nifty side-track :smile: ) Then the stories happen?

    I communed about this and here is my result. If we want to see it, perception is conception....if we want to see it as Self manifesting these stories for the uplift of self to merge with Self as a Self-actualization of Self awareness, well, we see it. :) We have then conceived it. We make it so.
    If, by the Tower of Babel, you refer to our endless chase for a hiding place in complexity, I agree. :) We can't use it all now, but it has already resulted in vast changes of consciousness itself.
    Hey eye! Remeber that is about the limititaion of bit storage in the "physical." It is based on what we know now...very little I think. :)

    A qubit of a metallic atom like Cesium, could have many more storage states than single bit at a time, physical disk drives. So, not to worry. It is never the machine that is the problem. We routinely leave processing power on the table. We just don't know how to use all we have now. :)
    Hey, I hope you grasp, as I am beginning to, the exulted place of Self in that Many Worlds Hypothesis I just posted in the Quantum thread. If our free will is spawning actual and real worlds base on what we decide, that's some heady s**t, bro!

    Does that not imply there is a future self that has spawned my Reality from the decision "he" just made? Or are we actually at the top of the world tree as Jesus implied? We are the first principle, the Alpha but not Omega? Perception is Conception. Puts another twist on that, too, huh?

    When I was reading the Everett Interpretation (not too math deep, give it a try?) I had an inner vision about those carving and mandalas of the Indus civilization. Gods with multiple faces, spinning in infinity. This is a real scientific Rosetta stone to show your point. ...science is as mystical as mysticism. :)
    Yes, well, this is a bit easier for me than to be called the Lie, on a science topic. Have to dig up and refute, toll and trouble. And in case you think I'm no angel, maybe I'm just not that kind of angel. :)
    The modern society seems to hold no middle ground. One is either right or wrong. But, opinions differ on that. :)
    Yeah, some folks get the thrill of the buzz kill. So, it's a Pearls and Swine question for the most part. Yet, some folks can benefit from concept exposure whether they like it or not. :) Don't have the energy to right-fight and never propose a right-fight, but it is the nature of the problem to be "of" the world. You and I agree we are merely discussing concepts they, for the most part, are completely unfamiliar with.
    Wow, this board has some very marginal personalities, as I'm sure you know.
    Hey, ever seen this one from Sun Tsu, Art of War? Reminds me of your latest avatar.

    Subtle and insubstantial, the expert leaves no trace; divinely mysterious, he is inaudible. Thus he is the master of his enemy's fate.
    If we propose that the illusion is maintain by us ourselves, then certainly they are connected somehow. I shall cogitate. :)
    Oh, well...no. I was talking about interior time. Our inability to know durations. So, we found durations that repeated themselves so we could get home for dinner. Then, the big question. When will this NIGHT be over??? :) Need smaller durations like a water dripper and later sand in a glass. By then, Time was something that exists and not something we made up. And as late as the Greek period in western culture, Time was considered to be a loop. No one lives long enough to see the entire loop, but stories from before prove that nothing changes. So, dream time can be dilated or compressed. I see nothing that says entropy i.e. time, whatever that is, can be manipulated to any great degree at all.
    Athiest have to be against something. If no one talked about it, where would they be. Hmm....don't know about those numbers or how that would be related?
    Yeah, that's right. Like Yin and Yang. I always thought those looked like eyeballs, looking at each other. The observer and observed observing. Reminds me of an Ekankar thing about bending time and space. Conception is Perception.
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