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  • Hi djruiner I'm really interested in your curing process were you say you submerge the roots 6-15 days before harvest.
    Can I ask how long you do this for.? And am I right in saying you put the plant pot in another bucket of water of r just pass a lot of water through the pot.?
    And do you still carry on with your feeding schedule as normal or stop and submerge.

    Thanks again for reading my question
    heyman, wanna help me out with an indesign product key.. got the blue screen of death and lost my shit :(
    What strains have you created yourself? I take it you like breeding? I am in the same boat, have many strains which I have created and am always working on more. I always grow my own babies from seed, because I am going for some really awesome and custom genetics, you know, something that absolutely nobody else has and nobody can say they have tried this strain before. All of my creations are absolutely fantastic and I stabilize the genetic traits which I desire, then move on to another creation, at the same time, I always make sure that I have at the least a mother of the strain I like and have created, or clones of it for future breeding purposes. I am working on narrowing my strains to just 2 types, it would be nice if I had a lot more space or a friend who was willing to grow out my strains, but I don't know a single other person who grows! =[ I am just curious what strains you have created (Only those that you STILL HAVE and are STILL growing), and what their genetics are.
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