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  • Hey whats up man just got done reading the 99 plant info you and ur step pops posted. I have my card now but want to get my 12/6 plant extended. Can i just go see ur dad as a walk in. Does it help if i let ya know when im coming so you can give him a heads up? Thanks bro.
    Will do =] I just posted one of my prettiest pics this year, too bad I don't have newer ones on my laptop =[ lol.
    Hey thanks man! i'm adding some pics i took last night/this morning, she's geeting thicker/stankier by the day!!!!
    Ya living in Ont has its perks, i just wish i would have gotten her in the grownd in may, she would be huge!!
    next year should be awesome! i learned sooo much on this site !!
    I dig the idea of putting t-5s on the side. Are you using red bulbs?
    Sounds like a nice set up on strains as well. I love kush. I grew out Violater kush and now I am trying out OG #18
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