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  • I got some bad news man...I have stopped smoking & growing...I need the money, so I have to sell my soul to the Military. DoD means that I have to piss clean until my service term is over...I gave away 2 oz. of bud to my friends...& tucked all my grow setup goodies away...its a major move...sucks for me.
    IF I flunk the ASVAB...I'll be right baack to growing. HAHA!
    No problem man that was great advice. I'm livin in Ottawa at the moment.
    I figured out that my strain tinishes in october.. Do you think that will be a problem?
    What strain are you growing?
    by the way, i did personalize each one, and there were like 4 different ones, so everyone should have gotten something different, but thanks a lot for the reply. nice to hear that people care Peace
    I've been jailed 3 times on MJ realted offenses... My life will not be the same for at least 7 years because of this. I used MJ to control my symptoms of Bipolar disorder, which I inherited from my mother. Why is America's War on Weed still going? Because the 50 million US tokers and millions of others worldwide are more concerned with getting high than making change, apparently. This war not only affects you and me, but the trade practices of the ENTIRE WORLD. American Tobacco, Poison, is sent out throughout the entire world, while everyone else's weed trade is illegal, and ALL BECAUSE AMERICA SAYS SO. So then, when will stoners grow a pair?
    This plant was awesome even though the yield wasn't all that great I got like half oz but this was in a pot of soil, my caregiver pushed an oz or more in hydro (it was a beautiful thing, wish I had pics). I noticed this strain does wierd shit when it starts to flower (leaves are wiggin out and turning yellow) and I want to say that its probably a bit nute sensitive even though I haven't nuted it, I think my happy frog soil is just too much for it, the buds still turn out great tho. The best part about this strain is the fruity awesome smell that it has, best smelling strain Ive had so far and up there in my best smoke list. I actually have another one that is just starting to flower (last seed of it though so I'm working on getting some auto pollen from a buddy that breeds autos!) I'll have to start a new thread when it gets a bit tastier looking, hopefully it turns out as good as the last couple ones!
    it shows up on your credit card statement as "very clever stuff" and is delivered in a plain blank dvd case within a padded envelope. I do live in Canada, it takes about 2 weeks for it to get to me but I live in a remote part of an island...
    Sup......Yeah thats right i got roughly 60g from each plant and i had seven little beauts,,, but these were not grown outdoors,, they were grown indoors in an NFT system under a 400 WHPS light,, any info you need on these easyryders are in my sig,, current grow and completed...
    go to my thread aerogarden rookie and you will see, i think it was about an 0, good thread tho, they are great for personal use,
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