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  • If the cold becomes a problem only when the lights are off, I recommend a space heater to click on shortly after the lights go off. If it's colder at all times, I suggest another HPS light AND a space heater. Do the same thing with the heater and only use it when lights are off, the extra light should keep it warm while lights are on.
    please help me i was out of town foe a couple days these monsters grew a little faster then ai thought they would , so 1 of my main colas are burt is it finshied of can it produced more buds ? please help
    U will know if its a male soon after the flowering.

    U see how in the main stem two leaves grow out?

    Check to see the top portion of ur plant. Between the new stems/leaves, more stems/leaves usually grow, so it repeats the same process: from the main stem more leaves are created.

    U see when the new leaves sprout they look like tiny tiny balls? sometimes they turn into leaves, when the plant is ready, instead of a leaf, some tiny tiny hairs start coming out, they start usually white.

    But if they do not grow hairs,(female=pubic hair) and balls start generating, then its a male.

    U can keep ur plants together in the flowering part until u see the balls, the plant will be infested with balls all over it, especially the top of the plant. (balls=males)

    It will be very very noticeable.

    Dont worry, ur male plants will need to be truly infested with balls before it can harm the female, so to say.

    Just check it daily or so.

    new pics coming tonight , take a look im going to flower now any help fox farm big bloom is being used now
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